T. dos Reis Matos MD MSc PhD

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Immunology. Dermatology.
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I have a longstanding interest in cellular immunology, particularly the interaction of T cells between human tissues and its relation to human autoimmune or inflammatory disorders. My research focuses on tissue T cells and its blood precursors; carried out largely on human cells and tissues.

Key publications
  • Matos Tiago R., O'Malley John T., Lowry Elizabeth L., Hamm David, Kirsch Ilan R., Robins Harlan S., Kupper Thomas S., Krueger James G., Clark Rachael A. Clinically resolved psoriatic lesions contain psoriasis-specific IL-17-producing αβ T cell clones Journal of clinical investigation 2017;127 (11):4031-4041 [PubMed]
  • Lampson Benjamin L., Kasar Siddha N., Matos Tiago R., Morgan Elizabeth A., Rassenti Laura, Davids Matthew S., Fisher David C., Freedman Arnold S., Jacobson Caron A., Armand Philippe, Abramson Jeremy S., Arnason Jon E., Kipps Thomas J., Fein Joshua, Fernandes Stacey, Hanna John, Ritz Jerome, Kim Haesook T., Brown Jennifer R. Idelalisib given front-line for treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia causes frequent immune-mediated hepatotoxicity Blood 2016;128 (2):195-203 [PubMed]
  • Alho Ana C., Kim Haesook T., Chammas Marie J., Reynolds Carol G., Matos Tiago R., Forcade Edouard, Whangbo Jennifer, Nikiforow Sarah, Cutler Corey S., Koreth John, Ho Vincent T., Armand Philippe, Antin Joseph H., Alyea Edwin P., Lacerda Joao F., Soiffer Robert J., Ritz Jerome Unbalanced recovery of regulatory and effector T cells after allogeneic stem cell transplantation contributes to chronic GVHD Blood 2016;127 (5):646-657 [PubMed]
  • Watanabe Rei, Gehad Ahmed, Yang Chao, Scott Laura L., Teague Jessica E., Schlapbach Christoph, Elco Christopher P., Huang Victor, Matos Tiago R., Kupper Thomas S., Clark Rachael A. Human skin is protected by four functionally and phenotypically discrete populations of resident and recirculating memory T cells Science translational medicine 2015;7 (279):279ra39 [PubMed]
  • Dijkgraaf Feline E., Matos Tiago R., Hoogenboezem Mark, Toebes Mireille, Vredevoogd David W., Mertz Marjolijn, van den Broek Bram, Song Ji-Ying, Teunissen Marcel B. M., Luiten Rosalie M., Beltman Joost B., Schumacher Ton N. Tissue patrol by resident memory CD8+ T cells in human skin Nature immunology 2019;20 (6):756-764 [PubMed]
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