MSc S. Busold

PhD Candidate, Other Academic Staff
Main activities
DC-based allergen immunotherapy
Focus of research

Dendritic cells (DCs) have a central role in the immune response: They are essential in initiating immune responses by activating and polarizing antigen-specific T cells and subsequently B cells, macrophages and innate immune cells. Hence, DCs are regarded as orchestrators of  immunological responses, which makes them a logical target for immunotherapy. Within the DC4Balance consortium, I am focusing on the development of DC-modulating vaccines for allergen immunotherapy. The goal of our research is to selectively target DCs or DC subsets in vivo to induce tolerance towards common allergens. Therefore, we aim to compose a nanoparticle-based drug delivery system, containing the respective allergen in combination with a tolerogenic adjuvant to reset the allergy-associated enhanced Th2 response and induce regulatory T cells. As a prototype I will focus on house dust mite allergens, but the platform can potentially be expanded not only to several allergens, but also to other immunological disorders.