PhD M. Nicolaou

Research Associate
Main activities
Dietary patterns in ethnic minority groups, perception of overweight.
Focus of research

Diet and physical activity among ethnic minority and migrant-origin groups and their role in obesity, cardiovascular disease risk and mental health.

  • measurement of diet
  • determinants of diet and physical activity with focus on the socio-cultural environment
  • development of culturally sensitive lifestyle interventions.
Key publications
  • Stronks Karien, Nicolaou Mary Embracing complexity in social epidemiology The Lancet. Public health 2018;3 (8):e352-e353
  • Nicolaou Mary, Colpo Marco, Vermeulen Esther, Elstgeest Liset E. M., Cabout Mieke, Gibson-Smith Deborah, Knuppel Anika, Sini Giovana, Schoenaker Danielle A. J. M., Mishra Gita D., Lok Anja, Penninx Brenda W. J. H., Bandinelli Stefania, Brunner Eric J., Zwinderman Aiko H., Brouwer Ingeborg A., Visser Marjolein Association of a priori dietary patterns with depressive symptoms: A harmonised meta-analysis of observational studies Psychological medicine 2019 [PubMed]
  • Dekker Louise H., Snijder Marieke B., Beukers Marja H., de Vries Jeanne H. M., Brants Henny A. M., de Boer Evelien J., van Dam Rob M., Stronks Karien, Nicolaou Mary A prospective cohort study of dietary patterns of non-western migrants in the Netherlands in relation to risk factors for cardiovascular diseases: HELIUS-Dietary Patterns BMC public health 2011;11 (1):441 [PubMed]
  • Mackenbach Joreintje D., Nelissen Kyra G. M., Dijkstra S. Coosje, Poelman Maartje P., Daams Joost G., Leijssen Julianna B., Nicolaou Mary A Systematic Review on Socioeconomic Differences in the Association between the Food Environment and Dietary Behaviors Nutrients 2019;11 (9) [PubMed]
  • Nicolaou Mary, Doak Colleen M., van Dam Rob M., Brug Johannes, Stronks Karien, Seidell Jaap C. Cultural and social influences on food consumption in dutch residents of Turkish and moroccan origin: a qualitative study Journal of nutrition education and behavior 2009;41 (4):232-241 [PubMed]
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Prof. PhD K. Stronks (Social inequalities in health)