PhD M.A. de Vos

Research Associate
Main activities
Education, Research
End-of-life decision making in pediatrics, parental involvement, end-of-life care, communication
Focus of research

- Process of end-of-life decision making in pediatrics with special attention for pediatric intensive care

- Role of parents and child in end-of-life decision making

- Ethical dilemmas in pediatric end-of-life care

- Tailor-made communication between medical team, parents and child about end-of-life care and end-of-life decision making

- Handling of conflicts in end-of-life care

Key publications
  • Verhagen A. A. Eduard, de Vos Mirjam, Dorscheidt Jozef H. H. M., Engels Bernadette, Hubben Joep H., Sauer Pieter J. Conflicts about end-of-life decisions in NICUs in the Netherlands Pediatrics 2009;124 (1):e112-e119 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

(Medewerkers buiten research programmes van afdeling Kindergeneeskunde: Algemene pediatrie)

PhD D.K. Bosman
C.C. de Kruiff
PhD H.H.F. Derkx
PhD M.A. de Vos
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A.H. Teeuw

Prof. MD PhD J.B. van Goudoever (Nutrition and Growth)

Early nutrition has a profound effect on later health, most outspoken in preterm infants.

Our research programme focusses on possible mechanisms how nutrition affects outcomes through basic reserach, while simultaneously clinical studies are conducted trying to identify optimal feeding strategies. Most studies are performed in the neonatal phase (mice, piglets and (preterm) infants), but also obesity related interventions are undertaken. The effect of human milk on various outcomes dominates our current research programme.

Techniques range from stable isotope methodology to gain insight in intermediary metabolism to RCTs to determine relevant outcomes.

Collaboration is with a wide variety of institutes across the world, with an emphasis on Denmark, USA and China.

PhD M.A. de Vos
PhD H. Schierbeek
Prof. MD PhD R.M. van Elburg

PhD M.S. Staphorst