Prof. MSc PhD C.L.H. Bockting

Full Professor
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Clinical Psychology
Focus of research

As a professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at Amsterdam University Medical Centers, my research program focuses on common mental health disorders (such as depression).

I study potentially modifiable etiological factors of onset, recurrence and chronicity using an interdisciplinary complexity approach. My research program focuses on the following issues:
1) Understanding etiological and maintenance factors in depression and related common mental health disorders
2) Developing  innovative multimodal psychological interventions (i.e. combined with technological devices and pharmacological treatments) and evaluating the effect in RCT’s and micro RCT’s (using ecological momentary assessment and affective networks)
3) Increasing accessibility of effective minimal psychological interventions

As a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study (UvA-IAS) I  studied the use of complexity models in order to explore new targets for prevention, treatment and relapse prevention of mental disorders. I chair the new Reseach Priority Area on Urban Mental Healh together with prof. Wiers (FMG faculty) that is awarded by the University of Amsterdam for the coming 5-10 years. Additionaly, as a fellow at the World Health Organization (WHO), I studied the possibilities of using technology to increase the accessibility of effective psychological interventions worldwide. Besides, I work as a clinical psychologist at the Psychiatry Department of UvA-AMC.


Key publications
  • Bockting Claudi L. H., Klein Nicola S., Elgersma Hermien J., van Rijsbergen Gerard D., Slofstra Christien, Ormel Johan, Buskens Erik, Dekker Jack, de Jong Peter J., Nolen Willem A., Schene Aart H., Hollon Steven D., Burger Huibert Effectiveness of preventive cognitive therapy while tapering antidepressants versus maintenance antidepressant treatment versus their combination in prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence (DRD study): a three-group, multicentre, randomised controlled trial Lancet. Psychiatry 2018;5 (5):401-410
  • Brouwer Marlies E., Williams Alishia D., van Grinsven Sam E., Cuijpers Pim, Lambregtse-van den Berg Mijke P., Burger Huibert, Bockting Claudi L. H. Offspring outcomes after prenatal interventions for common mental disorders: A meta-analysis BMC medicine 2018;16 (1) [PubMed]
  • Slofstra Christien, Nauta Maaike H., Bringmann Laura F., Klein Nicola S., Albers Casper J., Batalas Nikolaos, Wichers Marieke, Bockting Claudi L. H. Individual negative affective trajectories can be detected during different depressive relapse prevention strategies Psychotherapy and psychosomatics 2018;87 (4):243-245 [PubMed]
  • Arjadi Retha, Nauta Maaike H., Scholte Willem F., Hollon Steven D., Chowdhary Neerja, Suryani Angela O., Uiterwaal Cuno S. P. M., Bockting Claudi L. H. Internet-based behavioural activation with lay counsellor support versus online minimal psychoeducation without support for treatment of depression: a randomised controlled trial in Indonesia Lancet. Psychiatry 2018;5 (9):707-716
  • Klein Nicola S., Kok Gemma D., Burger Huibert, van Valen Evelien, Riper Heleen, Cuijpers Pim, Dekker Jack, Smit Filip, van der Heiden Colin, Bockting Claudi L. H. No Sustainable Effects of an Internet-Based Relapse Prevention Program over 24 Months in Recurrent Depression: Primary Outcomes of a Randomized Controlled Trial Psychotherapy and psychosomatics 2018;87 (1):55-57 [PubMed]
All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

Academic and clinical career:

2017 – current Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry and clinical psychologist (BIG)
Department of Psychiatry, University Medical Centers, location Academic Medical Center (AMC-UvA), Amsterdam.

2014 – 2017 Full professor of Clinical Psychology (chair) and clinical psychologist (BIG)
Department of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University.

2014 – 2017 Licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
Outpatient Center of Department of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University.

2007 – 2014 Professor of Depression: Etiology, Recividism and Chronicity, department of Clinical Psychology, University of Groningen (associate professor with ius promovendi; 2007 – 2010 associate professor)

1999 – 2007 Licensed psychotherapist and PhD student
Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam (AMC-UvA), Department of Psychiatry, affective disorders program.
Title of thesis: The rhythm of depression: The course of recurrent depression and prevention of relapse using cognitive therapy (obtained in 2006).

1993 – 1999 Psychologist and trainee psychotherapist (RINO Utrecht)
Outpatient setting of RIAGG RNW (mental health care center), Vlaardingen.

1993 MSc in Clinical Psychology
University of Amsterdam, cum laude.

Clinical license and associations:

2018 – current European Psychiatric Association (EPA) member.
2018 – current American Psychological Association (APA) member.
2006 – current Licensed clinical psychologist (BIG-registered klinisch psycholoog-psychotherapeut, BIG-number 69049831225).
2005 – current Supervisor for cognitive behavioral therapists at Vereniging voor Gedrags en Cognitive Therapieën (VGCT).
2000 – current Health psychologist (BIG-registered gezondheidszorgpsycholoog, BIG-number 69049831225).
1999 – current Psychotherapist (BIG-registered, BIG-number 89049831216).

Ancillary activities:

2019 - current 'Hoofdopleider Gezondheidszorg Psychologen opleiding Cure&Care'

2018 - current: Advisory board NWO, Wetenschappelijk adviescollege (WAC), domein Sociale-en Geesteswetenschappen.

2017 - current: Advisory board 'Zorginstituut Nederland'. Wetenschappelijke Advies Raad (WAR).

2017 - current: Supervisory board Arkin Amsterdam.

2017 - current; Board member European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT) 

2003 - current: Incidental workshops and senior lecturer clinical postdoctoral courses for psychologists (GZ, KP, KNP).


Academic grants:

2019 Urban Mental Health Research Priority Area UvA 2019-2023, budget 10 million, role chair with Reinout Wiers

2018  Does time heal everything? A complex dynamical systems approach to emotional functioning and relapse in depression. NWO research talent M. Eijlander, prof. C.L.H. Bockting (PI), prof. P.M.A. Sloot (IAS), Prof. A. Hayes (University of Delaware, USA).

2018 Establishment Grants: Resilience in Recurrent Depression: The Role of Successful Stress Recovery in Long-Term Remission. Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. PI: dr. S. Beshai, University of Regina, Canada; Co-applicant: Bockting, C. L. H.

2018 Determining effective relapse prevention strategies for recurrent depression and moderators of treatment outcome – what works for whom? Bockting, C. L. H. (AMC), APH Mental Health alliance. J. Breedvelt (AMC), van Oppen (VUmc).

2018 MENTALLY: Improving access to mental health care and mental health literacy. European Commission CONSUMERS, HEALTH, AGRICULTURE AND FOOD EXECUTIVE AGENCY Health Programme, PP2-2016, PI A. DeWaele, Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium.

2017 STAY FINE: a personalized monitoring and intervention app to prevent relapse of
anxiety and mood disorders in youth and young adults. With: Bockting, C. L. H. primary promotor AMC, Y.A.J. Stikkelbroek (GGZ Brabant) and M.H. Nauta (RuG). ZonMW

2017 Relapse prevention in depression: a dissementation project. ZON-MW, VIMP. 2017-2018. Bockting, C. L. H. (PI).

2017 Unraveling co-morbidity in mental health disorders; personalised affective models and multi modal personalised interventions in co-morbid conditions. Arq trauma institute. Bockting, C. L. H. (PI),

2017 UU, Ndlovu Research Consortium and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Beating co-morbidity using mobile interventions: Depression in HIV in rural and urban South Africa and the potential for other low/middle income countries. PhD proposal. Bockting, C. L. H. (PI).

2016 The Effect of App based Behavioural Therapy on Emotional Inertia among Chinese Depressive Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study. China Scholarship Council fund 2016-2020. Bockting, C. L. H. (PI), PhD student Z. Fu.

2016 NIAS research Theme group (PI, Bockting, C. L. H., 5 months): My optimism wears heavy boots: So much research, so few implications, towards ‘patient-proof’ empirical models and more effective interventions in mental health.
In collaboration with professor E.A. Holmes, Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC CBU), Cambridge, UK and Karolinska Institute, Sweden, professor C. Harmer, professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford, UK, professor S.D. Hollon, professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University, USA, associate professor G. Siegle, Departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Translational Sciences, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA, H. Tiemeijer, professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Erasmus University, associate professor A. Cramer, Department of Methodology, University of Amsterdam, dr. C. Vinkers assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry of the University Medical Center in Utrecht, professor M. van den Hout, professor of Experimental Psychopathology at Utrecht University and Ph. Spinhoven, professor of Clinical Psychology, Leiden University. Personal fellowship.

2016 Diagnostics and multi-modal intervention for victims of human trafficking (2016-2017), In collaboration with Arq Psychotrauma expertise center, Equator, dr. Pim Scholte.

2016 Recovery and personalised models and treatment for refugees with mental health problems (2016-2017). In collaboration with Arq. In collaboration with Arq Psychotrauma expertise center, Equator, dr. Pim Scholte.

2015 I make you smile: Using facial expression to detect and tackle depression. Seed Money 2016 UU. With Alishia Williams and the department of Information and Computer Sciences; Ronald Poppe.

2015 Differential Efficacy of Supportive-Expressive and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Dependent and Self-critical Depressive Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Ghent University (SCS RCT). In collaboration with dr. R. Meganck (Ghent University). PhD trajectory.

2015 Predicting and Understanding Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Relapse Prevention: a randomized controlled trial of preventive cognitive therapy in remitted Major Depressive Disorder using fMRI and pupillometry. NWO VENI grant, Hersenstichting Nederland (HS) ass. prof. M.J. van Tol (PI). In collaboration with UMCG (R.S. van Kleef, and prof. A. Aleman).

2014  Stop or Go? Tapering antidepressants in pregnancy: a pragmatic multicenter RCT to investigate risk and benefits for mother and child. ZonMW/NWO Goed Geneesmiddelen Gebruik. With: M. van de Berg, Erasmus University; assoc. prof. H. Burger; UMCG and CLH Bockting. Role: first promotir Marlies Brouwer, second promotor Nina Molenaar.

2014  Victimization in depressed patients; the role of emotion regulation. NWO. In collaboration with VUmc, Arkin (prof. A. Beekman PI, prof. J. Dekker, dr. M. Kikkert, dr. R. Van, dr. A. van Schaik, C. Christ (Phd candidate).

2013  The effectiveness of online behavioural activation led by lay health counsellors for depression in The Netherlands and Indonesia. (PI). Indonesian national research fund. In collaboration with the London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Sangath (assoc. prof. N. Chowdhary, London, UK, Goa, India), Vanderbilt University (prof. S.D. Hollon; Nashville, USA) and Equator/Arq Psychotrauma Expert group (P. Scholte) and ass. prof. M.H. Nauta (RuG) Role: main applicant and first promotor PhD candidate: R. Arjadi.

2013  Blended internet based CBT for children with anxiety disorders: what can individual changes tell us? ZonMW Effectief jeugd. In collaboration with Acarre, RuG (prof. P. Kendall; Tempel University, USA, Ass. prof. M. Nauta, PI; ass. prof. B. van de Hoofdakker; RuG), and de Bascule (prof. E. de Haan; AMC, UvA). Postdoc: dr. G. Kok.

2013  Prescribing blended care combining face-to-face contacts with web-based guided self-help instead of antidepressants for depression in general practice; a cluster randomized pragmatic trial. ZonMW/NWO. In collaboration with the department of general practice. Assoc. prof. H. Burger (PI; UMCG).

2012 Work on your imagination: An innovative approach to depression, targeting emotions using imagery. NWO. In collaboration with MRC Cognition and Brain sciences unit, University of Cambrigde/Karolinska Institute (prof. E. Holmes, UK). PhD student: C. Slofstra. Bockting, C. L. H. (PI).

2011  Effectiveness of continuation CT in preventing relapse in depression. NWO/ZonMW. In collaboration with mental health care center Amsterdam: Arkin (prof. J. Dekker, PI) and VU University. PhD candidate: M. de Jonge. Amount: 347,000 euro.

2011  Evaluation of online-based relapse prevention Intervention in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder. Role: advisor. BMBF. Ch diseases and orientation towards patients. In collaboration with prof. M. Berking (PI) and ass. prof. D. Ebert (Marburg University, Germany), 2011.

2010  Effectiveness of monitoring and nurse delivered preventive CT in preventing relapse in depression in primary care. NWO/ZonMW. In collaboration with VU University General practice department, primary care (assoc. prof. H. van Marwijk, PI).

2010 Effects of cognitive behavioural therapy for antenatal depression and anxiety on physical birth outcomes. ZonMW. In collaboration with the department of general practice UMCG Groningen/OLVG Amsterdam (Prof. M. Berger; PI and assoc. prof. H. Burger). Costs MD/PhD trajectory T. Verbeek.

2009 Cost-effectiveness of an e-mental health self-management intervention with automated tele-monitoring for recurrent depression and co-morbidity with chronic somatic disorders. (Bockting, C. L. H., PI), ZonMW disease management chronic diseases. In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania (prof. A.T. Beck, USA), VU University (general practice department and clinical psychology; prof. H. Riper, prof. P. Cuijpers), Trimbos institute Utrecht (prof. F. Smit) and several mental health care centers.

2009 Cost-effectiveness of tapering antidepressants versus preventive cognitive therapy and the combination of comtinuation of antidepressants with preventive cognitive therapy. (Bockting, C. L. H., PI). ZonMW Doelmatigheid K&E. In collaboration with the Beck Institute USA (prof. A.T. Beck, USA), Vanderbilt University (prof. S.D. Hollon, USA, Second promoter), University of Maastricht, Psychiatry UMCG Groningen, University of Amsterdam AMC, Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Department of work related disorders (AMC) and several mental health care centers. PhD student G. van Rijsbergen.

2008  Disrupting the rhythm of depression: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness and mediating  factors of preventive cognitive therapy in the prevention of recurrent major depressive disorder. (Bockting, C. L. H., PI). ZonMW, OOG (PhD student H. Elgersma). In collaboration with the Beck Institute USA (dr. A.T. Beck, USA), Vanderbilt University, University of Maastricht, Psychiatry UMCG Groningen, University of Amsterdam AMC, Amsterdam, Erasmus University, Department of work-related disorders (AMC) and several mental health care centers). Amount: 210,000 euro.

2008  Prevention of psychosocial problems in the offspring of mothers with symptoms of depression or anxiety during pregnancy: benefits for mother and child. (Co-PI). ZonMW. In collaboration with the departments of Epidemiology, Psychiatry and Gyneacology UMCG and department of general practice (ass. prof. H. Burger H.; PI), PhD student RuG: J. Meijer. PhD student UMCG: C. Beijer.

2008  Internet-supported self-management of recurrent depression with automated monitoring of health outcomes: demonstration project and evaluation. VWS/ZonMW. In collaboration with Trimbos institute and mental health care center Amsterdam, prof. J. Dekker (Arkin/VU), and prof. F. Smit (VU).

2008  Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cognitive therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a multi-center trial. MLD. In collaboration with the department of Medical Psychology (prof. M. Sprangers, AMC, University of Amsterdam; prof. R. Sanderman UMCG, RUG).

2008  Improving diagnosis and prognosis in bipolar and unipolar patients: the role of fMRI to determine biomarkers in addition to clinical measurements. NWO/ZonMW, OOG. In collaboration with Rive, M., Ruhé, H.G., prof. A. Schene, A.H., prof. D. Veltman (AMC, University of Amsterdam).

2008  Preventing anxiety and mood disorders in youth: a multi-center prevention trial in high risk offspring of anxious and depressed patients. NWO/ZonMW Preventie. In collaboration with ass. prof. Nauta M. (PI), project member, UMCG Psychiatry and Accare.

2001  Somatic, psychological and social course in patients with recurrent depression. Nationaal Fonds Geestelijke Volksgezondheid. In collaboration with prof. A. Schene and prof. Ph. Spinhoven. 


Academic Prices

2018 – current Fellowship at University of Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Study (UvA-IAS).

2018 – current Fellowship: American Psychological Association - International Union of Psychological Science, Global Mental Health Fellowship at the World Health Organization.

2017 FellowshipNetherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS). Role: PI in theme group.

2014 – 2016 Fellowship at Beck Institute International Scholarship Philadelphia, USA.

2016 Teacher of the year award at postgraduate education Clinical Neuropsychology (KNP), RINO Utrecht.

2005 Award for the best article of the year from the school for Experimental Psychopathology (EPP).

2005 Award for ‘top article’ Amcogg from University of Amsterdam Academical Medical Center.


Ongoing PhD’s

Jessica Bergamin (2019-2023). Autonomy in mental health disorders. Secondary supervisor (‘tweede promotor’).

Suzanne Robberegt (2019 – 2022). StayFine: a personalized monitoring and intervention app to prevent relapse of anxiety and depressive disorders in youth and young adults. Part-time PhD, primary supervisor (‘eerste promotor’).

Caroline Heuschen (2019 – 2023). Suicidality in psychiatric disorders - Caroline Heuschen (2019 – 2023). Secondary supervisor (‘tweede promotor’). Suicidality in psychiatric disorders

Amanda Legemaat (2019-2023). Neuropsychological problems in depression and anxiety. Part-time PhD, primary supervisor (‘eerste promotor’).

Josefien Breedvelt (2017 – 2021). Preventing onset and recurrence in common mental health disorders. Primary supervisor, (‘eerste promotor’) in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation London and prof. Simon Gilbody, (York University, UK).

Zhongfang Fu (2016 – 2020). The Effect of App-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on Emotional Inertia among Chinese Depressive Adults: A randomized controlled trial study. Primary supervisor (‘eerste promotor’).

Margo de Jonge (2011 – 2019; submitted to the reading committee). Prevention of relapse and the effect of continuation cognitive therapy. Part-time PhD, shared supervision Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, secondary promotor (‘tweede promotor’).


Former PhD’s

Nicola Klein (2013-2019; PhD defence 21 March 2019). Relapse prevention strategies for recurrent depression (parttime PhD, primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Marlies Brouwer (2014-2018; PhD defence 7 June 2019). Exploring transgenerational apporaches to prevent common mental disorders. (primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Hermien Elgersma (2008-2019; PhD defence 13 June 2019). Cognitive risk factors for the recurrence of depression, self associations, cognitive reactivity and attentional bias. (part-time PhD, primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’)


Retha Arjadi (2013-2018; PhD defense 13 December 2018). A step toward bridging the mental health gap using the internet. (primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Nina Molenaar (2014-2018; PhD defence 21 November 2018). Antidepressants in the Perinatal Period: challenging choices in current practice. (in collaboration with Witte Hoogendijk, Erasmus MC, secundary supervisor; ‘tweede promotor’).


Christien Slofstra (2012-2017; PhD defense 30 November 2017). Moving onwards: Affective change, mental imagery, and depressive relapse (primary supervisor; eerste promotor’).


Floor Bennebroek Evertsz (2009-2017; PhD defense 1 December 2017). The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy on the quality of life and anxiety and depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. (part-time PhD, shared supervisor UvA/AMC; ‘tweede promotor’).


Lonneke van Tuil (2012-2017: PhD defence 18 May 2017). Self-esteem in depression and anxiety: low, unstable, and discrepant? (shared supervisor with Prof. de Jong; ‘tweede promotor’, RuG).


Tjitte Verbeek (2011-2016; MD/PhD, PhD defence 20 January 2016). The effect of psychological interventions in pregnant women on somatic outcomes in their offspring. (shared supervisor with Prof. Berger; ‘tweede promotor’, UMCG).


Judith Meijer (2009-2015; PhD defence 23 November 2015). Depressive and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy and the effect of perinatal psychological interventions. (primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Gerard van Rijsbergen (2010-2014; PhD defence 18 December 2014). How do you feel? Understanding the impact of emotion and cognition on course of depressive symptomatology. (primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Chantal Beijers (2011-2014; PhD defence 20 October 2014). Why do pregnant woman (not) smoke and drink? The role of personality, stress and pregnancy related life events. (shared supervisor; ‘tweede promotor’ RuG/UMCG).


Marielle Hendriksen (2007-2014; PhD defence 9 October 2014). Pieces of a clinical puzzle: analyzing the alliance in psychodynamic psychotherapy for depression. Therapeutic technique, alliance, personality and therapist characteristics. (shared supervisor VU; ‘tweede promotor’).


Gemma Kok (2009-2014; PhD defence 29 September 2014). Under pressure: Pathways to relapse in depression, the role of stress and trauma. (primary supervisor; ‘eerste promotor’).


Anja Lok (2008-2012; PhD defence 9 December 2013). Time after time; biological factors in the course of recurrent depression. (shared supervisor; ‘tweede promotor’, UvA/AMC).


Mascha ten Doesschate (2006-2009; PhD defence 18 November 2009). Adherence, quality of life and risk factors in recurrent depression. (‘co-promotor’)



136 publications in peer reviewed international journals.

For an overview of all publications and books and book chapters: see


Research programmes

Prof. PhD D.A.J.P. Denys (Deep Brain Stimulation and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders)

Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Hersenstichting Nederland
  • NWO
  • Universiteit Maastricht
  • ZonMw