Prof. dr. M.H.W. Frings-Dresen

Main activities
Research, Teaching
Occupational Health
Focus of research
  • Occupational health care
  • Occupational diseases
  • Occupational complaints
  • Return to work/re-integration
  • Effectiveness of occupational treatment and interventions
  • Ergonomic measures
  • Chronic diseases and re-integration
  • Longterm sickness and work ability
  • Occupational health surveillance; pre-employment examinations
  • Heavy demanding jobs
  • Work ability of employees
  • Ageing and work ability
Key publications
  • Tamminga SJ, de Boer AGEM, Verbeek JHAM, Frings-Dresen MHW, Breast cancer survivors' views of factors that influence the return-to-work process - a qualitative study. SCAND J WORK ENV HEA 2012;38 (2):144-+ [PubMed]
  • Boschman JS, van der Molen HF, Sluiter JK, Frings-Dresen MH, Musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers: a one-year follow-up study. BMC MUSCULOSKEL DIS 2012;13 (1):196 [PubMed]
  • Hoving JL, Lacaille D, Urquhart DM, Hannu TJ, Sluiter JK, Frings-Dresen MHW, Non-pharmacological interventions for preventing job loss in workers with inflammatory arthritis. COCHRANE DB SYST REV 2014;2014 (11):CD010208 [PubMed]
  • van der Molen HF, Kuijer PPFM, Smits PBA, Schop A, Moeijes F, Spreeuwers D, Frings-Dresen MHW, Annual incidence of occupational diseases in economic sectors in The Netherlands. OCCUP ENVIRON MED 2012;69 (7):519-521 [PubMed]
  • Kuijer PPFM, Gouttebarge V, Wind H, van Duivenbooden C, Sluiter JK, Frings-Dresen MHW, Prognostic value of self-reported work ability and performance-based lifting tests for sustainable return to work among construction workers. SCAND J WORK ENV HEA 2012;38 (6):600-603 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Occupational Diseases; Etiology and prevention of work-related diseases

The research line addresses the etiology and prevention of work-related disorders, i.e. occupational diseases. It focuses on (a) work-related factors that cause (occupational) diseases and (b) issues surrounding the occupational re-integration of people with (chronic) diseases. A number of work-related (chronic) diseases/disorders are subject of study, like patients with chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal symptoms, rheumatism, tumors, acquired brain injuries. Research is also being conducted with the curative sector into employees returning to work during the medical treatment process. Research into effective interventions for work participation is being conducted in co-operation with GIOCA, the departments of rheumatology, cardiology and occupational health services. A number of projects on a variety of patients concern the quality of insurance medicine, like perpetuating factors for occupational disability after two years of sick leave, and factors which are relevant for the assessment of work ability in young people with disabilities (Wajong). The research is conducted within and in co-operation with various sectors/organizations (construction, transport, household waste, defence, government, health care, Heliomare, UWV and occupational health services).

Prof. dr. M.H.W. Frings-Dresen
Dr. A.G.E.M. de Boer
Prof. dr. F.J.H. van Dijk
Prof. dr. C.T.J. Hulshof MD PhD
Dr. S. Kezić
Dr. P.P.F.M. Kuijer
Dr. K. Nieuwenhuijsen

Dr. J.L. Hoving BSc MSc PhD
Dr. H.F. van der Molen
Dr. S.J. Tamminga PhD
J.M. van Velzen PhD (Rehabilitation Center Heliomare)
Prof. dr. H. Wind (UWV)

PhD Students
B.R. Aerts MD (Amphia ziekenhuis breda)
T. Beemster MSc PhD
M.D.M. van Beukering
Drs. H. van Bolhuis MD MSc (ArboUnie)
M.A. Greidanus MSc
A.E. van Loon-Felter
A. van Schaaijk MSc
Y. Steinman MSc (Royal Netherlands Air Force)
A. Zaman MSc

Prof. dr. C.A.M. van Bennekom (Heliomare)
Drs. H. van Bolhuis MD MSc (ArboUnie)
Dr. D. Bossen
Dr. T. Brand MD PhD
Drs. A.M. Braspenning
Drs. B.H. Donker-Cools MD PhD (UWV)
Drs. G. de Groene MD
R. Keijsers MD MSc PhD
Drs. A. Lenderink MD
Dr. B. Sorgdrager MD PhD
Y. Steinman MSc (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

Prof. dr. J.K. Sluiter † (Medical selection and medical guidance of workers)

Dr. S. Kezić (Etiology and prevention of occupational skin diseases)

Dr. A.G.E.M. de Boer (Chronic disease and work)

Other research related activities
  • Membership of advisory board / Consultant, RSI
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH), musculoskeletal disorders, aging, construction industry, shiftwork and working time, psychosocial factors, work disability prevention and integration
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, IEA
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, JOURNAL OF REHABILITATION
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, ERGONOMICS
  • Board of directors / Trustees / Supervisory board, ICO International Commission on Occupational Health
  • Contribution to training of professionals, NSPOH
  • Board of directors / Trustees / Supervisory board, Research Center for Insurance Medicine AMC UMCG UWV VUmc
  • Membership of advisory board / Consultant, Other