Prof. H.J.C. de Vries MD PhD

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Clinical, epidemiological and diagnostic aspects of STI and emerging skin infections
Focus of research

Henry de Vries is dermatologist and Professor of skin infections at the University of Amsterdam. He works at the Academic Medical Centre and Public Health Service (GGD Amsterdam) and is expert at the Dutch Institute for Public Health (RIVM). He is expert in clinical, epidemiological and diagnostic aspects of STI and emerging skin infections. His research topics are: STI in men who have sex with men (MSM), biomadecal and behavioral interventions to curb HIV and STI transmission, gonorrhoea, lymphogranuloma venereum, HPV related anal dysplasia, cutaneous leishmaniasis, and leprosy.

Key publications
  • Hoornenborg Elske, Coyer Liza, Achterbergh Roel C. A., Matser Amy, Schim van der Loeff Maarten F., Boyd Anders, van Duijnhoven Yvonne T. H. P., Bruisten Sylvia, Oostvogel Paul, Davidovich Udi, Hogewoning Arjan, Prins Maria, de Vries Henry J. C. Sexual behaviour and incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men using daily and event-driven pre-exposure prophylaxis in AMPrEP: 2 year results from a demonstration study Lancet HIV 2019;6 (7):e447-e455 [PubMed]
  • de Vries Henry J C Lymphoganuloma venereum in the Western world, 15 years after its re-emergence: new perspectives and research priorities Current opinion in infectious diseases 2019;32 (1):43-50 [PubMed]
  • Wind Carolien M., de Vries Esther, Schim van der Loeff Maarten F., van Rooijen Martijn S., van Dam Alje P., Demczuk Walter H. B., Martin Irene, de Vries Henry J. C. Decreased Azithromycin Susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Isolates in Patients Recently Treated with Azithromycin Clinical infectious diseases 2017;65 (1):37-45 [PubMed]
  • Wind Carolien M., Schim van der Loeff Maarten F., Unemo Magnus, Schuurman Rob, van Dam Alje P., de Vries Henry J. C. Test of Cure for Anogenital Gonorrhoea Using Modern RNA-Based and DNA-Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests: A Prospective Cohort Study Clinical infectious diseases 2016;62 (11):1348-1355 [PubMed]
  • de Vries Henry J. C., Reedijk Sophia H., Schallig Henk D. F. H. Cutaneous leishmaniasis: recent developments in diagnosis and management American journal of clinical dermatology 2015;16 (2):99-109 [PubMed]
All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

May 1st 2015 – now Principal Investigator Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
August 2013 – February 2014: Interim Head STI outpatient clinic, Health service Amsterdam; management of a large city outpatient clinic with 50 FTU personnel.
March 2010 - now: Extraordinary professor with the assignment skin infections in particular leprosy
April 2008 - now: Expert advisor to the National Centre for Infectious diseases control (CIb/RIVM) on the national curative STI programme for 2 days per month
July 2006 - now: Trainer in venereology for dermatology residents of 2 university clinics in Amsterdam (officially approved by the national Medical Specialist Registration Commission on the basis of excellent scientific credentials)
October 2003 – now: Consultant Dermatologist and Medical supervisor STI outpatient clinic, Municipal Health service Amsterdam (27.000 new consultations yearly); Clinical, training en scientific supervision
October 2003 – now: Consultant Dermatologist and professor department of Dermatology, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; Training, educational, clinical and scientific responsibilities

Degrees and training
April 1999 – Oct 2003: Medical specialty training in Dermatology and Venereology, department of Dermatology, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, Trainer professor Jan D Bos
Dec 1986 – Oct 1996: Medical Degree, University of Amsterdam (paused for a PhD apprenticeship 1990-1994)
Sept 1990 - Dec 1994: PhD apprenticeship, thesis "Dermal substitutes for full thickness wounds" (ISBN 90-9007629-8) at the University of Amsterdam. Promotores professor J.D. Bos, and professor C.H.R. Wildevuur. This work formed the basis for the development of a commercially available dermal skin substitute, Matriderm, Suwelack GMbH, Duitsland.

January 27, 2005: Prize for best presentation “Identification of a new Chlamydia trachomatis LGV strain among HIV positive MSM in Amsterdam” Dutch society for experimental dermatology
October 4, 1997: Sandoz Research Prize 1997, for the best PhD thesis in 1993-1996
September 22, 1995: Hippocrates Study Prize 1995, for excellent research performed by undergraduate students

Organisational activities
2014 - now: National representative the Netherlands for the International Union against Sexually transmitted Infections (IUSTI) Europe
2014 - now: Member of the board of Governors Stichting Aids Fonds - STOP AIDS NOW! – Soa Aids Nederland
2011- now: Organisation and chair of the annual multidisciplinary national working group “Leprosy in the Netherlands”, Amsterdam
2011 - now: Board member of the International Society for STD Research (ISSTDR)
2011: Chair of the SKMS multidisciplinary medical specialist committee to develop a national STI guideline for specialist care.
2011: Expert on the European Medical Association (EMEA) board on HPV vaccine registration
2011: Member of Gastmann-Wichersstichting for the control of leprosy in the Netherlands
2010: Member of the commission to organise a quality and audit system for Sexual health clinics appointed by the Netherlands Centre for Infectious diseases control
2010: Chair of the Skin infections domain group of the Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology (guideline development for dermatologists)
2009 Member Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad) commission for cervical carcinoma
2009: Member of the scientific programme committee of the Dutch Society for Dermatological Research (NVED)2007 – now: Member of the national Health Council (Gezondheidraad); advises the minister on mass HPV vaccination against cervical cancer
2007 – now: Board member of the Bethesda foundation; the eldest Dutch – Surinamese foundation for the relief of leprosy patients in Suriname
2007 – now: Scientific team member EpigenChlamydia Consortium, EU framework programme 6 2005-LIFESCIHEALTH-6 consortium., 1st July 2007-30th June 2009
Jan 2007 – Sept 2007: Chair of the commission to organise a quality and audit system for STI outpatient clinics appointed by the National Centre for Infectious diseases control

Editorial activities
2015 - now Associate Editor of BMC Infectious Diseases, section Sexually Transmitted Diseases
2015 - now Associate editor of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Official journal of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)
2015 - now: Editorial board member Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Official Journal of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association (ASTDA), the International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) and the Scandinavian Society for Genito-Urinary Medicine
2014- now: Associate-Editor Frontiers in Medicine, section dermatology
2011- now: Editorial board member of Community Dermatology, a publication of the International Foundation for Dermatology
2004-2011: Editorial board member SOAAIDS magazine, National periodical of the Dutch STI and AIDS foundation. 
2005-2015: Editorial board member Dutch Journal for Infectious Diseases, Periodical of Ariez medical publishers. 

Educational activities

November 2014, 2015: Organiser of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Fostering Course Advanced STIs Amsterdam
February 2011: Program development proctoscopy training and point of care laboratory diagnostics for STI outpatient clinics, STI clinic, Amsterdam
June 2010: Organisation of a post graduate course for dermatologist residents on Skin infections, Import dermatoses and Investations Utrecht
May 2007 Development of an undergraduate medical student curriculum in STI care (3 classes, 1 workgroup and 1 computer assisted self study module), University of Amsterdam,
Sept - Oct 2006 Development of a course in Medical aspects of STI care for physicians working in Health Services, Netherlands School of Public Health (NSPOH), Amsterdam,
April - May 2006 Development of a course in Medical aspects of STI care for registered nurses working in Health Services, Netherlands School of Public Health (NSPOH), Amsterdam

Tutorial activities
2x yearly since 2002: Tropical dermatology, a global perspective. Global Health elective course for medical students and residents for a rotation in a developing country, University of Amsterdam.
2x yearly since 2003 Sexually transmitted diseases and Tropical skin disorders. BIUPAMA post-doctoral training for military physicians, University of Amsterdam,
4x yearly since 2006 Discussion moderator syndromic STI care and training in anal STI related diseases for registered nurses and physicians, Netherlands School of Public Health,
yearly since 2006 2 classes for undergraduate medical students, on STI care, University of Amsterdam
2x yearly since 2008 - 2012  STI Course Netherlands course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (NTC)/Masters in International Health (MIH), Royal Tropical Institute (RTI), Amsterdam

Research programmes

Prof. H.J.C. de Vries MD PhD (Sexually Transmitted and Emerging Skin Infections)

1. Vaginal microbiome

susceptibility to STDs
effect of vaginal hygiene

2. Chlamydia trachomatis

tissue tropism
serological diagnosis
rapid diagnostics
transmission networks
treating anal infections

3. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

antimicrobial resistance
diagnosis of treatment failure
deferred cultivation methods
transmission networks

4. lymphogranuloma venereum


5. Hepatitis C among HIV + men who have sex with men

6. HIV

transmission and elimination through biomedical interventions
improving status awarenessamong ethnic minority groups

7. STDs, drug use and behavioral interventions

8. HPV and anal dysplasia in HIV + men who have sex with men

9. Genital herpes serological diagnosis

10. Syphilis molecular diagnostics

11. Late diagnosis of leprosy in non-endemic countries

12. Cutaneous leishmaniasis treatment, diagnostics and epidemology


S.M. Bruisten PhD
A.A. Matser PhD
M.F. Schim van der Loeff MD PhD
A.P. van Dam PhD

S. Ramdas PhD
O. Richel MD PhD


Medewerkers buiten research programmes van afdeling Dermatologie

Prof. M. Prins PhD (Epidemiology and Prevention of Infectious Diseases)

Current research funding
  • Gemeente Amsterdam, GGD