Prof. J.J.G.H.M. Bergman MD PhD

Full Professor
Main activities
Patient care, Research, Other
Gastroenterology, interventional endodscopy, early upper GI neoplasia, computer assisted detection in endoscopy, endoscopic ablation for metaboloc syndrome, risk prediction in Barrett esophagus
Focus of research

Endoscopic detection and treatment of early neoplasia in the digestive tract.

Computer assisted detection and diagnosis in endoscopy

Endoscopic ablation for metabolic syndrome

Biomarkers for risk prediction in Barrett esophagus

Key publications
  • Phoa K. Nadine, van Vilsteren Frederike G. I., Weusten Bas L. A. M., Bisschops Raf, Schoon Erik J., Ragunath Krish, Fullarton Grant, Di Pietro Massimiliano, Ravi Narayanasamy, Visser Mike, Offerhaus G. Johan, Seldenrijk Cees A., Meijer Sybren L., ten Kate Fiebo J. W., Tijssen Jan G. P., Bergman Jacques J. G. H. M. Radiofrequency Ablation vs Endoscopic Surveillance for Patients With Barrett Esophagus and Low-Grade Dysplasia A Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA 2014;311 (12):1209-1217 [PubMed]
  • Wani Sachin, Rubenstein Joel H., Vieth Michael, Bergman Jacques Diagnosis and Management of Low-Grade Dysplasia in Barrett's Esophagus: Expert Review From the Clinical Practice Updates Committee of the American Gastroenterological Association Gastroenterology 2016;151 (5):822-835 [PubMed]
  • Duits Lucas C., van der Wel M. J., Cotton Cary C., Phoa K. Nadine, ten Kate Fiebo J. W., Seldenrijk Cees A., Offerhaus G. Johan A., Visser Mike, Meijer Sybren L., Mallant-Hent Rosalie C., Krishnadath Kausilia K., Pouw Roos E., Tijssen Jan G. P., Shaheen Nicholas J., Bergman Jacques J. G. H. M. Patients With Barrett's Esophagus and Confirmed Persistent Low-Grade Dysplasia Are at Increased Risk for Progression to Neoplasia Gastroenterology 2017;152 (5):993-1001.e1 [PubMed]
  • Boerwinkel David F., Swager Anne-Fré, Curvers Wouter L., Bergman Jacques J. G. H. M. The clinical consequences of advanced imaging techniques in Barrett's esophagus Gastroenterology 2014;146 (3):622-629.e4 [PubMed]
  • Phoa K. Nadine, Pouw Roos E., Bisschops Raf, Pech Oliver, Ragunath Krish, Weusten Bas L. A. M., Schumacher Brigitte, Rembacken Bjorn, Meining Alexander, Messmann Helmut, Schoon Erik J., Gossner Liebwin, Mannath Jayan, Seldenrijk C. A., Visser Mike, Lerut Toni, Seewald Stefan, ten Kate Fiebo J., Ell Christian, Neuhaus Horst, Bergman Jacques J. G. H. M. Multimodality endoscopic eradication for neoplastic Barrett oesophagus: results of an European multicentre study (EURO-II) Gut 2016;65 (4):555-562 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

Jacques Bergman was born in 1965 and qualified from the University of Utrecht in 1991. He undertook his PhD-training, dedicated to the endoscopic management of gallstone disease, in Amsterdam. He was trained in Gastroenterology in Den Bosch and Amsterdam and was appointed Consultant Gastroenterologist, at Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam in 2001 as Associate Professor in 2005, and was appointed as Head of department of Endoscopy and Professor of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in 2011.

Dr. Bergman is the head of the AMC esophageal research team, which conducts endoscopic studies into endoscopic detection and treatment of early neoplasia in the upper digestive tract.
His research team currently consists of two physicians/endoscopists, eighteen research fellows, two research nurses, and 2 physician assistants. The group has extensive experience with multicenter clinical trials and coordinates international studies in Europe, the United States and China.

Dr Bergman is special section editor for "Gastroenterology", member of the International Editorial board of “Gastrintestinal Endoscopy” and member of the International Editorial board of “Endoscopy”.

Dr. Bergman is a permanent member of International Working Group on Classification of Oesophagitis.

Dr. Bergman has authored and co-authored on over 250 peer reviewed publications and text book chapters and has lectured at many national and international meetings.

Research programmes

Prof. J.J.G.H.M. Bergman MD PhD (Detection and treatment of upper gastrointestinal cancer)


Jacques Bergman leads a variety imaging studies on detection of early neoplasia in the upper GI tract. Techniques that are currently under investigation include high resolution endoscopy, optical chromoscopy, volumetric laser endomicroscopy, and spectroscopy techniques. His group also investigates computer assisted endoscopic detection of early neoplasia as part of a consortium with the Technical University Eindhoven, the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven and the University Hospital in Leuven.

In addition, his group has a strong focus on the endoscopic treatment of early neoplasia using endoscopic resection and endoscopic ablation techniques as well as in organizing training programs in this field ( and

The group also facilitates basic research on biomarkers in Barrett’s esophagus; epithelial differentiation, morphogenesis and pathogenesis in Barrett’s esophagus; gene therapy and dendritic cell therapy for esophageal cancer; and proteomics in Barrett’s esophagus. This part is led by Dr. Sheila Krishnadth, gastroenterologist at the same department.

Jacques Bergman leads ReBus: a large tissue bank project that incorporates clinical data and tissue samples of 1,000 patients treated for early Barrett's neoplasia; 3,500 Barrett's surveillance patients in the Amsterdam region; 1,500 proscpectively followed Barrett's patients in the Amsterdam Prospective Barrett's Registration Project; and 750 Barrett's patients with low-grade dysplasia.

Jacques Bergman is also involved in studies investigating the use of duodenal mucosal ablation for metabolic regulation (diabetes mellitus and NAFLD/NASH) in which he collaborates with endocrinologists and hepatologists at the AMC and a number of European institutes. He is the PI of two clinical trials in this field.

The team currently consists of two physicians/endoscopists, twelve clinical research fellows, three research nurses, and 2 physician assistants. The group has extensive experience with clinical trials and is trained according to GCP standards. The team coordinates several international multi-center studies.  


R.E. Pouw MD PhD

PhD Students
C. Stingl
J. van der Putten

P.S. de Koning
D. Meens-van Maris
C.M.T. Sondermeijer
C.A.C. t Hoen

Current research funding
  • Aqua Medical Inc.
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