Prof. L.C.M. Kremer MD PhD

Full Professor, MD-PhD
Main activities
Education, Research
Pediatrics, research & evidence based care
Focus of research

Evidence-based pediatric care 

Evaluation of care | systematic reviews | guidelines


Key publications
  • Armenian Saro H., Hudson Melissa M., Mulder Renee L., Chen Ming Hui, Constine Louis S., Dwyer Mary, Nathan Paul C., Tissing Wim J. E., Shankar Sadhna, Sieswerda Elske, Skinner Rod, Steinberger Julia, van Dalen Elvira C., van der Pal Helena, Wallace W. Hamish, Levitt Gill, Kremer Leontien C. M. Recommendations for cardiomyopathy surveillance for survivors of childhood cancer: a report from the International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group lancet oncology 2015;16 (3):E123-E136 [PubMed]
  • van der Pal Helena J., van Dalen Elvira C., van Delden Evelien, van Dijk Irma W., Kok Wouter E., Geskus Ronald B., Sieswerda Elske, Oldenburger Foppe, Koning Caro C., van Leeuwen Flora E., Caron Huib N., Kremer Leontien C. High Risk of Symptomatic Cardiac Events in Childhood Cancer Survivors Journal of clinical oncology 2012;30 (13):1429-1437 [PubMed]
  • van Dalen Elvira C., Caron Huib N., Dickinson Heather O., Kremer Leontien C. M. Cardioprotective interventions for cancer patients receiving anthracyclines Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online) 2011;2011 (6):CD003917 [PubMed]
  • Kremer Leontien C. M., Mulder Renée L., Oeffinger Kevin C., Bhatia Smita, Landier Wendy, Levitt Gill, Constine Louis S., Wallace W. Hamish, Caron Huib N., Armenian Saro H., Skinner Roderick, Hudson Melissa M. A Worldwide Collaboration to Harmonize Guidelines for the Long-Term Follow-Up of Childhood and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: A Report From the International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group Pediatric blood & cancer 2013;60 (4):543-549 [PubMed]
  • Kremer Leontien C. M., van Dalen Elvira C. Dexrazoxane in Children With Cancer: From Evidence to Practice Journal of clinical oncology 2015;33 (24):2594-2596 [PubMed]
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Professor Leontien CM Kremer, MD PhD
Emma Children’s Hospital, AMC Amsterdam
Address, Office: F8 Meibergdreef 9 2505AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone, Office: +31 20 5669111

SUMMARY: I trained as a pediatrician and in clinical epidemiology. Since my PhD in 2001 I am appointed by the Department of Pediatrics in the Emma Children’s Hospital EKZ/AMC. My research program is designed based on gaps in knowledge identified in guidelines or clinical care, and results will be implemented in guidelines to improve the quality of care. In 2014, I received the annual award from the Dutch Pediatric Society for my work on quality of care for children in the Netherlands. My inspiration is starting and implementing innovative activities together with others, based on each person's leadership skills. I am an innovator, idealist, pragmatic thinker, and facilitator. I am convinced that collaboration and connection to each other will bring the best for health care and patients. We are all one piece of the puzzle.


  • Staff member Department of Pediatrics EKZ/AMC, Amsterdam (since 1995)
  • Principle investigator AMC late adverse effects and evidence based care (since 2011)
  • Professor pediatrics; Gepaste zorg in de kindergeneeskunde (since 2018)
  • Principle investigator Princess Maxima Center for pediatric oncology (since 2016)


  • 1982-1989 Medical School, University of Utrecht
  • 1989-1995 Pediatrics residency, EKZ/AMC, Amsterdam/ Alkmaar
  • 1995-1996 Fellow Neonatology EKZ/AMC, Amsterdam
  • 1996-1997 Fellow Pediatric Cardiology EKZ/AMC, Amsterdam
  • 2001 PhD Medical Science, University of Amsterdam, Anthracycline cardiotoxicity
  • 2001-2002 Staff member Dutch Cochrane Centre, AMC, Amsterdam
  • 2000-2008 Courses in Clinical Epidemiology, EMGO Free University AMC, NIHES, Erasmus Rotterdam
  • 2010 Course in Leadership; strategic leadership for physicians; C Ascher
  • 2013-2015 Training for leadership coach; P Assink
  • 2014 Renewed license in Pediatrics


  • NVK-award 2014. Prize for special contribution to the Dutch Pediatric Society (NVK). For work on quality of care for children in the Netherlands.


Current PhD

  • Jop Teepen (2018) Secondary malignancies in childhood cancer survivors
  • Judith Kok (2019) DCOG-LATER cohort-based radiation dosimetry for long-term survivorship research
  • Nina Streefkerk (2019) Long-term morbidity and healthcare consumption in childhood cancer survivors
  • Dunja Dreessens (Maastricht University) (2017) Knowledge instruments; the role of shared decision making
  • Ardine Reedijk (PMC, 2019) Epidemiologic progress against childhood and young adolescent cancer in the Netherlands 
  • Erik Loeffen (UMCG, 2019) Supportive care in children with cancer 
  • Lisanne Verbruggen (Prinses Maxima Centrum)
  • Josien Beijer(Prinses Maxima Centrum)

Previous PhD students

  • Elvira van Dalen (2007): Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity during & after therapy of childhood cancer
  • Mathilde Cardous Ubbink (2009): Morbidity and mortality in childhood cancer survivors
  • Heleen van der Pal (2011) : Cardiovascular disease in childhood cancer survivors
  • Renee Mulder (2013): Optimization of care for survivors of childhood cancer
  • Sebastiaan Knijnenburg (2013): Late effects of childhood cancer: patient education and epidemiology
  • Elske Sieswerda (2013): Childhood Cancer Survivors: evidence and care
  • Irma van Dijk (2014): Radiation-induced adverse events after childhood cancer
  • Lieke Feijen (2015) Longterm cardiac disease in childhood cancer survivors: a DCOG LATER study
  • Sarah Clement (2015) Endocrine late effects after childhood cancer
  • Anna Font Gonzalez (2016) Linkage studies in survivors of childhood cancer.


Grants as first PI

  • European Commission Health 2010 FP7 257505-2. PanCareSurFup: PanCareSurFup: Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivor Care and Follow-Up Studies. PI L Kremer Participant and Workpackage leader (2011-2016). 
  • European Commission Health 2013 FP7. PanCareLIFE. Studies in Fertility and Otoxicity to Improve Quality of Life after Cancer during Childhood, Adolescence and Young Adulthood. WP2 Guidelines for fertility preservation. PI: L Kremer. (2013-2018). 
  • Dutch Cancer Society. Long-term morbidity and healthcare consumption in childhood cancer survivors: the DCOG LATER national linkage study. PI: L Kremer, W Tissing, J Korevaar.
  • KiK/ ODAS Infrastructure DCOG/PMC LATER study program (2016-2019) PI: L Kremer, E v Dulmen, M vd Heuvel, W Tissing. 
  • KiKa Cochrane Childhood Cancer Group (2013-2017). PI: L kremer, H Caron
  • Dutch Cancer Society /KiKa: SKION LATER registry. PI: L Kremer, F Van Leeuwen, M Jaspers, H Caron (2006-2010).
  • ZonMW 80-82000-98-078, Guideline follow-up of childhood cancer. PI: L.Kremer, A (2008-2010).
  • European Commission Euratom Fission 2011 FP7 295823 Procardio: Cardio- Vascular Risk from Exposure to Low-dose and Low-dose-rate Ionizing Radiation. PI L Kremer (2012-2014).
  • KiKa 068. Radiation-induced adverse events after childhood cancer. PI: L Kremer H Caron (2010- 2014).
  • Dutch Cancer Society UVA 2010-4828. Quality of care for long-term survivors of childhood cancer. PI: L Kremer H Caron (2011-2014).
  • KiKa 084. Health care use and adverse social outcomes in relation to cancer treatment in Childhood Cancer Survivors – a record linkage study. PI: L Kremer H Caron (2011-2013).
  • KiKa 084, extension. Additional grant for Health care use and adverse social outcomes in relation to cancer treatment in Childhood Cancer Survivors. PI: L Kremer H Caron (2013-2014).
  • Quality of Life GALA Foundation. DCOG-LATER Q2008 Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies. (2008-2013). PI: L Kremer, HN Caron, W Tissing, M van den Heuvel, E van Dulmen
  • ZonMW implementation guideline follow-up childhood cancer. PI: L Kremer, A Postma.
  • Dutch Health Council, Etiology leukemia. PI: L Kremer (2010-2011).
  • KiKa 123: Cochrane Childhood Cancer Group. PI: L Kremer, H Caron (2008-2013).

Grants as Co PI

  • Dutch Association of Medical Specialists (SKMS), Guideline for Palliative Care in Children. PI: A Verhagen, L Kremer (2010-2011).
  • Dutch Association of Medical Specialists (SKMS). Guideline for Palliative Care in Children, second stage. PI: A Verhagen, L Kremer (2011-2013). 
  • Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMW). Organization of Palliative Care for Children. PI: A Verhagen, L Kremer (2011-2013).
  • SKMS Dutch Society of Pediatrics. Quality criteria Pediatric Care (2013-2014). PI NVK L Kremer.
    Ministry of Health (VWS).
  • Development of expert centre for pediatric palliative care. PI: A Verhagen, L Kremer. Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam. PhD Award. DCOG
  • LATER cohort-based radiation dosimetry for long-term survivorship research. PI: C Ronckers, L Kremer, W dolsma (2013-2017).
  • KiKa Prevention and Early Detection of Thyroid and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Damage after Radiation Treatment for childhood cancer (2014-2016). PI: H van Santen, L Kremer, H Caron 
  • Fonds Nuts Ohra; Samen sterk voor betere zorg aan kinderen met een hersentumor. PI: M Naafs, R Gijzen, LC Kremer 
  • ZonMW. Implementation tools for the guideline palliative care for children. PI E Verhagen, L Kremer, T de Leur, M Schuiling-Otten 
  • KWF (RUG2013 -6345) Towards evidence based guidelines for supportive care in childhood oncology. PI: W Tissing, L. Kremer, M van de Wetering) 
  • KiKa Epidemiologic progress against childhood and young adolsecent cancer in the Netherlands since 1989 (2015-2018). PI: JW Coebergh, R. Pieters, L Kremer 
  • ZonMW/ Univeristy of Maastricht. PhD ProjectQuality assessment in care (2013-2017). PI T van der Weijden, L Kremer, E Verhagen
  • KiKa Radiotherapy-related meningioma, cerebrovascular events, and cataract in childhood cancer survivors: A DCOG LATER Study project. 2015. PI C Ronckers, Dr L Kremer, Dr H van der Pal, Dr S Neggers, Drs G Janssens (2016-2020). 
  • Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMW). Individual care plan for palliative care. PI: A Verhagen, L Kremer, M Schuiling (2014-2016). 
  • Dutch Cancer Society. Health problems after 3D-planned pediatric radiotherapy: A nation-wide cohort study. 
    PI: C Ronckers, L Kremer, G Janssens (2015-2019) 

Participant or superviser in Grants LATER collaboration

  • Dutch Cancer Society UVA2012-5517. Adverse health effects of radiotherapy for childhood cancer. C.Ronckers.  2013-2018. Supervising in personal grant
  • Dutch Cancer Society DCOG2011-5027. Long-term risk of second cancers after treatment for childhood cancer: A DCOG-LATER study. PI: C Ronckers, W Tissing, F van Leeuwen (2012-2016) 
  • Dutch Cancer Society. Fatigue in Childhood cancer survivors
  • Dutch Cancer Society. Renal dysfunction in Childhood cancer survivors
  • KWF (VU-2006-3622). Reproductive function, ovarian reserve, and risk of premature menopause in female childhood cancer survivors in The Netherlands: the VEVO-study and KiKa (project 20, 2007): 2008 / 2015. Co PI: E v Dulmen-den Broeder, F v Leeuwen, Lambalk, Kaspers (First coordinating center VuMC)
  • EU-FP7-Health-2013-Innovation (project nr. 602030). PanCareLIFE; PanCare Studies in Fertility and Ototoxicity to Improve Quality of Life After Cancer During Childhood Adolescence and Young Adulthood; female fertility impairment,  5 years, 01-11-13 / 01-11-18, Co PI: E v Dulmen-den Broeder, M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, L Kremer
     (First coordinating center VuMC)
  • KiKa (VUmc project 131, 2013). A nationwide questionnaire survey on late effects among Dutch childhood cancer survivors: which invitation strategy to use? Quality of life 3 years 01-01-13 / 01-01-16 Co PI: PI M van de Berg, M Jaspers, Van Dulmen-den Broeder, Van Leeuwen (First coordinating center VuMC)
  • EU-FP7-Health-2013-Innovation (project nr. 602030). PanCareLIFE PanCare Studies in Fertility and Ototoxicity to Improve Quality of Life After Cancer During Childhood Adolescence and Young Adulthood; Genetic variation of female gonadal damage and ototoxicity. , 5 years, 01-11-13 / 01-11-18. Co PI PI M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, E v Dulmen-Den Broeder, L Kremer.  (First coordinating center: EMC/PMC)
  • Prediction Model: Breast Cancer in Women Irradiated for a Pediatric Malignancy Sloan Kettering R01 CA136783-04  2011 / 2015, NL: PI F van Leeuwen, C.Ronckers, HJ van der Pal, A Versluys  (First coordinating center NL: AVL)
  • Long-term renal effects in Dutch Childhood cancer survivors PI M Veening, A Bokenkamp, H van der Pal (first coordninating center VuMC)
  • KWF (KUN 2014-6985)Cancer Related Fatigue in CCS: a DCOG-LATER study. 4 yrs, 01-03-15 / 01-03-19. Co PI: PI J Loonen , H.Knoop, E van Dulmen-den Broeder (First coordinating center: Radboud MC)
  • Differentiated thyroid cancer in children: late effects and pathofysiological background in the NL. KIKA-81. 2011 / 2015, PI: T Links, Tissing, UMCG Groningen
  • Assessment of late effects of treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma KWF. PI F v Leeuwen NKI Amsterdam. C Ronckers, M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, LC Kremer.


  • Chair DCOG LATER collaborative group focusing on guidelines and research for survivors of childhood cancer. LATER is a collaboration between the 7 pediatric oncology centers in The Netherlands. Board: 4 members, Steering Committee: 15 members
  • Chair of the late effects research group in the EKZ/AMC Amsterdam supervising: Cecile Ronckers, Helena van der Pal, Renee Mulder, Lieke Feijen, 9 PhD students, research assistants
  • Chair of international Cochrane Childhood Cancer. Supervising the editorial base: Elvira van Dalen/ Petra Jellema/ Edith Leclerq/ Jos Noorman (Co-ordinating editor/ editor/ librarian/ assistant). Th focus is the development of summaries of knowledge for treatment of childhood cancer (Cochrane systematic reviews).
  • Founding member of PanCare: a European group of professionals and survivors for care and research for childhood cancer survivors and leader of research projects
  • Co chair of the International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group (, Co chair: Melissa Hudson
  • Chair of the guideline committee and quality indicators of the Dutch Paediatric Society
  • Chair of the project group “Guidelines for quality standards in health care in The Netherlands” initiated by the National Health Care Institute
  • Member in committees of Dutch Pediatric Society, Federatie Medisch Specialisten, SKION, SIOP
  • Member KWF support group AMC 
  • 2012-2014 Member Working Group Dutch Pediatric Society: Ethical aspects for scientific research in children. (Ministry of Health)
  • 2010-2013 Chair of the Dutch Guideline for Guidelines (Regieraad Kwaliteit van Zorg; Dutch Council for Quality of Care)
  • 2010-2013 Member Guideline Comittee of the Dutch Medical Specialists Organisation.  
  • 2010-2011 Chair of ESLCCC 2011 Amsterdam; The European meeting for late effects after childhood cancer
  • 2008-2013 Editor of: “Evidence Based Child Health; a Cochrane review journal”.
  • 2008-2012 Chair ZonMW Committee Guidelines for Youth Health Care
  • 2008 Founder of PANCARE; A multidisciplinary Pan European Network of professionals and survivors.
  • 2006-2012 Member ZonMW Committee of Quality of Curative Care Knowledge Policy (KKCZ)
  • 2006 Founder of the Cochrane Childhood Cancer Group
  • 1992-1995 Member, Junior Board of the Dutch Pediatric Society 
  • 1984-1985 Member, Board Faculty of Medicine, University of Utrecht 


  • Haupt R, Hjort L, Kremer, L, Mulder R. Handbook of long term care of the childhood cancer survivor. Chapter 13; surveillance of late effects by treatment; the European experience.
  • Kremer LCM, Phillips B. Evidence based pediatric oncology in Cancer in Children. 6th edition.
  • Kremer LCM, Geenen MM, Postma A. Late effecten na behandeling van kinderkanker. Leerboek oncologie. Bohn Stafleu van Loghum. 2009
  • Kremer LCM, Plochg T, Scholten RJPM. Handboek Gezondheidszorgonderzoek. Bohn Stafleu van Loghum. Hoofdstuk 11. Systematische literatuurstudie. 2007 ISBN 978903134896
  • Scholten RJPM, Tuut MK, Kremer LCM, Assendelft WJJ. Beoordelen van de kwaliteit van medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek. In: Everdingen JJE van, Burgers JS, Assendelft WJJ (Eds). Evidence-based richtlijnontwikkeling. Een leidraad voor de praktijk. Houten/Antwerpen: Bohn, Stafleu, Van Loghum, 2004. ISBN 9031342092


Peer review see "Publications"





Research programmes

Prof. L.C.M. Kremer MD PhD (Evidence Based Pediatric Care)


Studies on

► Evaluation of care

  • (Late) Outcome after childhood cancer  
  • Goal: to get insight in risk and (genetic)risk factors for (late) health outcomes and to develop optimal screeningstest and interventions.
  • Team:
  • Leontien Kremer (Chair EKZ group and Chair DCOG LATER; a nationwide collaboration on late effects after childhood cancer)
  • Cecile Ronckers (Senior Investigator) Late effects of medical radiation exposure; 2 PhD students: Jop Teepen & Judith Kok
  • Lieke Feijen (Postdoc) Late effects after childhood cancer: observational studies and cardiotoxicity after treatment for childhood cancer
  • Renee Mulder (Postdoc) Health indicators of care after treatment for childhood cancer
  • Elvira van Dalen: Cardiotoxicity after treatment for childhood cancer
  • Hanneke van Santen UMCU (Pediatric endocrinologist) Endocrine effects after childhood cancer; 2 PhD Sarah Clement, Laura van Iersel
  • Heleen van der Pal (physician, medical oncologist) 
  • Nina Streefkerk PhD
  • Anna Font Gonzalez PhD
  • Ardine Reedijk PhD
  • Rutger Knops PhD

Systematic reviews

  • Cochrane Childhood Cancer
  • Goal: development and implementation of Systematic Reviews on treatment, diagnosis and adverse effects in childhood cancer.
  • Team: Leontien Kremer (Chair), Elvira van Dalen (Coordinating Editor), Petra Jellema (Managing Editor), Edith Leclercq (Trial Search Coordinator), Jos Noorman (Assistant Managing Editor)

Guidelines and shared decsion making

  • Goal: development and implementation of guidelines
  • Guidelines for surveillance of childhood cancer survivors. International Guideline Harmonization Group (  Leontien Kremer, Melissa Hudson (Co-chairs)/ Renee Mulder (Coordinator)
  • Guidelines in supportive care of childhood cancer. Wim Tissing, Marianne van de Wetering, Leontien Kremer (Co-chairs), Renee Mulder (Coordinator). Erik Loeffen PhD (Groningen)/ Anna Font Gonzalez PhD
  • Guidelines in pediatrics. Leontien Kremer (Chair guideline committee NVK), PhD Dunja Dreessens (Maastricht)


C.M. Ronckers PhD

E.A.M. Feijen PhD
R.L. Mulder MSc
E.C. van Dalen MD PhD

PhD Students
D.H.H. Dreesens
E.A.H. Loeffen
A. Reedijk
F. Ropers MD

E. Leclercq MEng PhD
A. Mantici
J.K. Noorman
A.M. van Eggermond

Prof. H.N. Caron MD PhD (Paediatric Oncology; biology and clinical)

Current research funding
  • Cochrane Editorial Unit