Prof. PhD M.W.M. Jaspers

Full Professor
Main activities
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Human Factors Engineering in healthcare
Focus of research

Human factors, Usability Engineering and Evaluation of Healthcare Interactive Information Systems

Key publications
  • Jaspers Monique W. M., Steen Thiemo, van den Bos Cor, Geenen Maud The think aloud method: a guide to user interface design International journal of medical informatics 2004;73 (11-12):781-795 [PubMed]
  • Jaspers Monique W. M., Smeulers Marian, Vermeulen Hester, Peute Linda W. Effects of clinical decision-support systems on practitioner performance and patient outcomes: a synthesis of high-quality systematic review findings Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2011;18 (3):327-334 [PubMed]
  • Jaspers Monique W. M. A comparison of usability methods for testing interactive health technologies: Methodological aspects and empirical evidence International journal of medical informatics 2009;78 (5):340-353 [PubMed]
  • Khajouei R., Jaspers M. W. M. The Impact of CPOE Medication Systems' Design Aspects on Usability, Workflow and Medication Orders A Systematic Review Methods of information in medicine 2010;49 (1):3-19 [PubMed]
  • Peute Linda W. P., Jaspers Monique W. M. The significance of a usability evaluation of an emerging laboratory order entry system International journal of medical informatics 2007;76 (2-3):157-168 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

Monique WM Jaspers- MSc/ PhD

Director of Institute of Medical Informatics

Professor, Department of Medical Informatics, Academic Medical Center- University of Amsterdam

In her research position in the field of medical informatics, Monique Jaspers co-ordinates health care and IT related projects throughout the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam and with other healthcare facilties. Her research projects are funded under the Dutch Cancer Society  the Dutch Children Cancer Free Foundation, Quality of Life, and LSH Match. The main theme of her research line is the evaluation and improvement of the usability of health care information systems in supporting end users in their daily working routines. A combination of cognitive engineering methods are applied and evaluated (the cognitive walkthrough, the think aloud method, heuristic usability methods, task analyses, work flow analysis, cognitive modeling) to optimize health care information systems. Her research projects cover the issues surrounding the evaluation and (re)design of computerized physician ordering systems, laboratory ordering systems, patient care records, and computerized oncology-related registry systems.
Her involvement in these projects has let her acquire knowledge and experience of evaluation methodology in health care, usability testing and system engineering. She has established a strong network of relations with medical informatics researchers at the European level. She is member of the European Human Factors Engineering and Usability Working Group in Health Informatics.
She has acted as a reviewer of international journals, such as the International Journal of Medical Informatics, Methods of Information in Medicine, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, International Journal of Human Computer Interface, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making and Medical Informatics international conference proceedings. She has often been invited to act as a reviewer of international conferences in medical informatics, such as the World Conference in Medical Informatics (MedInfo) Medical Informatics Conference Europe (MIE), the American Medical Informatics Association Conference (AMIA).
She has been invited to act as a reviewer of grand proposals of the Dutch Organization of Health Care Research and Innovation. She has been often invited as a speaker to major conferences and seminars on human factors engineering in health informatics.
In the period 1999-2003, she was responsible for establishing an International Partnership for Health Informatics Education (IPHIE, which includes 6 universities and promotes professionalism of future medical informatics specialists through international collaboration of graduate and baccalaureate programs in medical and health informatics.

She is currently director of the Educational Institute of Medical Informatics in the AMC- University of Amsterdam. This institute holds end responsibilty for the curricula contents, quality assurance and international affairs of the bachelor and master program in medical informatics.

Previously she held a senior research position at the University of Nijmegen. Her research was on cognitive engineering and evaluation of intelligent tutorial computer systems.

A cognitive psychologist by academic education and a computer scientist and usability expert by post-graduate training, Monique Jaspers has spent most of her professional career with the University of Amsterdam, starting research positions and moving to scientific project leadership and associate professorship in 2000.

Dr L. W. Dusseljee- Peute, Assistent Professor
Dr. Tom Broens (head of bachelor program Medical Informatics)
Dr. F. Wiesman (head of master program Medical Informatics)
Ms. M. Derksen PhD student
Mr. R. van de Togt, PhD student
Ms. A. Wiggers, PhD student
Ms. L. Thijssing, PhD student
Ms. G. Wildenbos, PhD student
Ms. E. Tensen, PhD student
Mr. V. Blijleven, PhD student
Ms A. Domen, PhD student
Support staff:
Ms dr. H. Lips, secretary Educational Insittute Medical Informatcs
Ms A.Rajkovic-Nacinovic , management assistent Educational Institute Medical Informatics
Ms. E. Werring, management assistent Department Medical Informatics

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