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Full Professor, Research Associate
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Internal Mediciine; Infectious Diseases; HIV Medicine
Focus of research

 My research focuses on improving our understanding and management of the complications of HIV infection and the treatment of this infection.

Key publications
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Curriculum Vitae

 PETER REISS, M.D., PhD. is Professor of Medicine, in particular the complications of HIV treatment, at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As of February 2013 he also is the Director of the Stichting HIV Monitoring (HIV Monitoring Foundation) , located in close proximity to the AMC at the HvA and responsible on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports for the registration and monitoring of people living with HIV in care in Dutch HIV treatment centers ( Dr. Reiss received his MD in 1981 and PhD in 1990 from the University of Amsterdam. His medical training included electives at the Peter Bent Brigham and Children’s hospitals in Boston. He is board certified in the Netherlands in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He has authored or co-authored over 450 publications, in the field of general infectious diseases and HIV-medicine in particular. He has served on several European and US committees reviewing national HIV Clinical Research programmes, including the ANRS in France, the NIH HIV/AIDS programme in the United States, and the British Columbia Center for Excellence in Vancouver, Canada. He also served as a member of the U.S. Public Heath Service/Infectious Disease Society of America Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections Working Groups. Dr. Reiss serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of the Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida et les hépatites (ANRS) and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, the Steering Committees of the D:A:D study, the ART-Cohort Collaboration, the Cohere Cohort Collaboration, and the EuroSida Study. Dr Reiss until 2012 served as President of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) and continues to be a member of EACS's Governing Board, and curremtly serves as Core Committee member of the Scientific Committee for the biannual Glasgow International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection (AMC, together with Univ College London, Cornell Univ NY and the International Aids Society is an academic co-sponsor of this conference). From 2006-2014 Dr. Reiss was a member of the Governing Council of the International AIDS Society (IAS) and served as European/Central Asian Regional Representative in the  Governing Council's Exxecutive Committee. He currently serves as the local co-chair for the International AIDS Conference, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam in July 2018. As of 2013 Dr. Reiss serves as a member of the UNAIDS Scientific Expert Panel which advises Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS Executive Director and assistant UN Secretary General on strategically important advances in HIV science.  His editorial responsibilities include serving as Clinical HIV Section Editor of Antiviral Therapy. His current research focuses on improving the understanding and management of the complications of HIV disease and HIV therapy.

Research programmes

Prof. MD PhD P. Reiss (Complications of HIV and HIV treatment)

 Our research programme focuses on improving our understanding of what drives the increased risk of non-communicable comorbidity in people with treated HIV disease as they age, in comparison to uninfected individuals with similar demographics and lifestyle. This research is primarily conducted within the framework of the prospective longitudinal AGEhIV Cohort Study which was estbalished in Amsterdam in 2010, and in which the AMC Dept of Global Health and division of Infectious Diseases collaborate with the Amsterdam Public Health Service (research cluster Infectious Disease) and Stichting HIV Monitoring. In addition, in depth pathogenesis-oriented research is conducted as part of the EU-funded COBRA (COmorBidity in Relation to Aids) programme which I coordinate out of AMC and which collaborates with partners in the Netherlands as well as UK, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Belgium. The cohort of individuals in Amsterdam followed as part of COBRA is a subset of those enrolled in the AGEhIV Cohort. Collaboration with the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease of the National Institutes of Health (US) has started to investigate the role of the intestinal microbiome in tne pathogenesis of non-communicable comorbodity in this context.  In addition, research into modelling the future burden of non-communicable comorbidity of people with treated HIV dsease in the Netherlands as they age, is conducted in collaboration with Stichting HIV Monitoring and collaborators at the Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College London.

A second line of implementation science oriented research concerns research aimed at reducing the number of new HIV infections in Amsterdam, research which is being executed by a large mutlistakeholder consortium in the so-called H-TEAM (HIV Transmission Elimination Amsterdam) initiative (for further details see:



PhD N.A. Kootstra
MD PhD M. van der Valk
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