R. Hoekstra PhD

Assistant Professor
Main activities
Molecular and cellular biology
Focus of research

Bioartificial liver application based on a human liver cell source

  • Bioartificial liver
  • Hepatocyte
  • Immortalisation
  • Bioreactor
  • Liver
  • Differentiation
  • Stem cell
  • Cell line
Key publications
  • Hoekstra Ruurdtje, Nibourg Geert A. A., van der Hoeven Tessa V., Ackermans Mariëtte T., Hakvoort Theodorus B. M., van Gulik Thomas M., Lamers Wouter H., Elferink Ronald P. Oude, Chamuleau Robert A. F. M. The HepaRG cell line is suitable for bioartificial liver application international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 2011;43 (10):1483-1489 [PubMed]
  • Poyck Paul P. C., van Wijk Albert C. W. A., van der Hoeven Tessa V., de Waart Dirk R., Chamuleau Robert A. F. M., van Gulik Thomas M., Oude Elferink Ronald P. J., Hoekstra Ruurdtje Evaluation of a new immortalized human fetal liver cell line (cBAL111) for application in bioartificial liver Journal of hepatology 2008;48 (2):266-275 [PubMed]
  • Nibourg Geert A. A., Chamuleau Robert A. F. M., van der Hoeven Tessa V., Maas Martinus A. W., Ruiter An F. C., Lamers Wouter H., Oude Elferink Ronald P. J., van Gulik Thomas M., Hoekstra Ruurdtje Liver Progenitor Cell Line HepaRG Differentiated in a Bioartificial Liver Effectively Supplies Liver Support to Rats with Acute Liver Failure PLoS ONE 2012;7 (6):e38778 [PubMed]
  • Huch Meritxell, Gehart Helmuth, van Boxtel Ruben, Hamer Karien, Blokzijl Francis, Verstegen Monique M. A., Ellis Ewa, van Wenum Martien, Fuchs Sabine A., de Ligt Joep, van de Wetering Marc, Sasaki Nobuo, Boers Susanne J., Kemperman Hans, de Jonge Jeroen, Ijzermans Jan N. M., Nieuwenhuis Edward E. S., Hoekstra Ruurdtje, Strom Stephen, Vries Robert R. G., van der Laan Luc J. W., Cuppen Edwin, Clevers Hans Long-term culture of genome-stable bipotent stem cells from adult human liver Cell 2015;160 (1-2):299-312 [PubMed]
  • van Wenum Martien, Chamuleau Robert Afm, van Gulik Thomas M., Siliakus Adriaan, Seppen Jurgen, Hoekstra Ruurdtje Bioartificial livers in vitro and in vivo: tailoring biocomponents to the expanding variety of applications Expert opinion on biological therapy 2014;14 (12):1745-1760 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

R. Hoekstra PhD (Bioartificial Liver)

Bioartificial Liver (BAL)

In our research group we aim to develop a BAL, consisting of a bioreactor loaded with liver cells that mimics a functional liver. As such it can be used in the clinic for liver support of liver failure patients and in the laboratory for drug safety tests and disease models. We have developed a BAL (AMC-BAL) based on a human cell line that differentiates to a high degree. A laboratory model of the BAL has shown efficacy in an animal model of liver failure.

Our current research lines:

Development of a downscaled BAL as a human liver model for studies of liver disease and drug toxicity

Setting up a clinical trial with an upscaled GMP-compliant BAL  

Improve current culture methods for liver cells using technologies derived from BAL culturing


R.A.F.M. Chamuleau MD PhD

Prof. R.P.J. Oude Elferink PhD (Hepatic metabolism and transport processes)

Prof. T.M. van Gulik PhD (HPB surgical research)

R.A.F.M. Chamuleau MD PhD (Optimalization of the AMC Bioartificial liver (AMC-BAL) charged with HepaRG cells to bridge patients with severe liver failure to transplantation or own regeneration)