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Interest are in the field of information retrieval and automation of systematic reviews. To this end he's been a member of the organising committee of #Cochranetech in 2014, CLeF ehealth 2017/2018/2019, and the organising committee of 2018 ICASR (International collaboration of automation of systematic reviews)

Key publications
  • de Vries Sophia G., Cremers Anne L., Heuvelings Charlotte C., Greve Patrick F., Visser Benjamin J., Bélard Sabine, Janssen Saskia, Spijker René, Shaw Beth, Hill Ruaraidh A., Zumla Alimuddin, van der Werf Marieke J., Sandgren Andreas, Grobusch Martin P. Barriers and facilitators to the uptake of tuberculosis diagnostic and treatment services by hard-to-reach populations in countries of low and medium tuberculosis incidence: a systematic review of qualitative literature Lancet infectious diseases 2017;17 (5):e128-e143 [PubMed]
  • Geersing Geert-Jan, Bouwmeester Walter, Zuithoff Peter, Spijker Rene, Leeflang Mariska, Moons Karel G. M., Moons Karel Search Filters for Finding Prognostic and Diagnostic Prediction Studies in Medline to Enhance Systematic Reviews PLoS ONE 2012;7 (2):e32844 [PubMed]
  • van de Glind Esther M. M., van Munster Barbara C., Spijker René, Scholten Rob J. P. M., Hooft Lotty Search filters to identify geriatric medicine in Medline Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2012;19 (3):468-472 [PubMed]
  • Mummery Christine, Ward-van Oostwaard Dorien, Doevendans Pieter, Spijker Rene, van den Brink Stieneke, Hassink Rutger, van der Heyden Marcel, Opthof Tobias, Pera Martin, de la Riviere Aart Brutel, Passier Robert, Tertoolen Leon Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to cardiomyocytes: role of coculture with visceral endoderm-like cells Circulation 2003;107 (21):2733-2740 [PubMed]
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 Rene Spijker is a trained molecular biologist with a specialisation in immunology from Utrecht University and Imperial College London. After research experiences at LUMC in Leiden (Signal transduction of ex-vivoT lymphocyte activation in the treatment of ALL), Hubrecht Institute- Developmental biology & Stem cell research (Differentiation of human Embryonic stem cells towards cardiomyocytes), and AMC in Amsterdam (Apoptosis in Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia) he started his current career as an information Specialist.
Since 2008 Rene works as an information specialist with Cochrane Netherlands and the AMC in Amsterdam.
He's a member of the Cochrane Council since 2017, member of the Cochrane information specialist executive since 2011, member of ICASR, and member of CLeF e-medicine

Research programmes

(Medewerkers buiten research programmes van afdeling KEBB)

PhD M.M.G. Leeflang (Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Diagnostic Tests)