MD MSc T.J. van Velzen

PhD Candidate, MD-PhD
Main activities
Vascular neurology, with a special focus on the carotid artery and ischemic stroke
Focus of research

The focus of my research lies on the Second European Carotid Surgery Trial (ECST-2). The ECST-2 is a study in which we randomize between using only optimized medical treatment (OMT) or OMT combined with carotid revascularization (CEA) in patients who suffered stroke due to a plaque in the internal carotid artery. My field of interest will be the clinical outcome in Dutch patients, but with a focus on the cost-effectiveness of the CEA.

Furthermore I am interested in the role of inflammation in carotid plaques and in new MRI techniques that might be better in predicting future stroke in patients with an internal carotid artery plaque.