V. Dijkstra-Muncan PhD

Assistant Professor, Research Associate
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Intestinal epithelial homeostasis and disease
Focus of research

Intestinal stem cells have to respond to tissue requirements during processes of intestinal epithelial growth and regeneration. The regulatory mechanisms involved in these responses are the current focus of our research.

Key publications
  • Muncan Vanesa, Heijmans Jarom, Krasinski Stephen D., Büller Nikè V., Wildenberg Manon E., Meisner Sander, Radonjic Marijana, Stapleton Kelly A., Lamers Wout H., Biemond Izak, van den Bergh Weerman Marius A., O'Carroll Dónal, Hardwick James C., Hommes Daniel W., van den Brink Gijs R. Blimp1 regulates the transition of neonatal to adult intestinal epithelium Nature communications 2011;2:452 [PubMed]
  • Heijmans Jarom, Muncan Vanesa, Jacobs Rutger J., de Jonge-Muller Eveline S. M., Graven Laura, Biemond Izak, Ederveen Antwan G., Groothuis Patrick G., Mosselman Sietse, Hardwick James C., Hommes Daniel W., van den Brink Gijs R. Intestinal tumorigenesis is not affected by progesterone signaling in rodent models PLoS ONE 2011;6 (7):e22620 [PubMed]
  • Heijmans J., Büller N. V., Muncan V., van den Brink G. R. Role of mast cells in colorectal cancer development, the jury is still out BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE 2012;1822 (1):9-13 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. G.R. van den Brink MD PhD (Intestinal mucosal homeostasis and it's deregulation in inflammatory bowel disease and during oncogenesis)

Current research funding
  • Nutricia Research B.V.