PhD V.S. Stel

Assistant Professor
Main activities
Research, Other
Senior epidemiologist, specialization into nephrology
Focus of research

Research focuses on epidemiological research in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Four main research projects:

1) ERA-EDTA Registry (funded by the ERA-EDTA)

The ERA-EDTA Registry is a European Registry collecting data on renal replacement therapy (i.e. dialysis and renal transplantation) via the national and regional renal registries in Europe. It analyses these data and distributes the resulting information through registry reports presented at the yearly ERA-EDTA Congresses, publications in nephrology journals and through the website.


2) EDITH (funded by EU Health Programme)


EDITH aims to examine the effect of the substantial practice variation in the management of end- stage kidney disease and in the access to dialysis and kidney transplantation within Europe on patient outcomes and costs.

3) Nieratlas, Dutch Kidney Atlas (funded by Dutch Kidney Foundation)

The aim of the Dutch Kidney Atlas is to develop an online Dutch Kidney Atlas using the Dutch health claims database (Vektis database). In addition it aims to perform research on healthcare costs, healthcare use, treatment and outcomes of kidney patients (in comparion to the general population) using the Vektis database. It also examines the validity of the Vektis database.


 4) SysKID (funded by European Union's FP7)

SysKID, which stands for ‘Systems Biology towards Novel Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis and Treatment”, is a large-scale integrating European research project that aims at understanding chronic kidney disease in the context of diabetes and hypertension. It will focus on the early stages of CKD and aim at identifying better strategies for prevention of complications as well as at novel diagnosis and therapy options to improve patients’ quality of life.


Key publications
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