The services of the AMC Biobank


  • Cryostorage of biological materials at +4°C, -80°C, and -196°C;
  • Sample tracking using a biobank management information system (BIMS);
  • Virtual registry of existing collections;
  • Catalog with overview of collected materials plus basic descriptive information.

Logistic support

  • Advice about starting biobank collections, including pre-analytic procedures;
  • Infrastructure and equipment for collecting and distributing samples (+4°C, -80°C, and -196°C);
  • Support of multicenter initiatives between (non)academic hospitals.
  • Advice about questions pertaining to legal and ethical issues;
  • Safeguard related to legal and ethical requirements.

    Facility management

    • Access to central freezer rooms at Z01, G01, and in the IWO building;
    • Backup freezers in case of calamities.