Research Manager

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Handleidingen (only Dutch)

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Confidential documents in Research Manager

Each role has different authorizations in the Research manager system. This way we can realize different levels of confidentiality/access to documents.  

When uploading documents in Research Manager a document category and document type need to be selected for each document.  In case of confidential documents which cannot be shared with the investigators or other members of the clinical team, it is possible to select the document category with the addition ‘vertrouwelijk’. (For the IMPD to be found under D. Productinformatie (vertrouwelijk) and for safety submissions under L. Veiligheidsinformatie (vertrouwelijk)).   

Only members of the study team which have the role ‘CRO/Farmaceut’ (for CROs and/or pharmaceutical companies) will have the authorization to upload and access the ‘vertrouwelijke’ (confidential) documents.

In case you need the rol 'CRO/Farmaceut', please contact the METC. Within each study this role needs to be selected for the person in question.

The Periodic Reports should be submitted via Research Manager and the Expedited reports – SUSARs via e-mail

Submitting reports

  • Login in Research Manager
  • Search the project using the magnifying glass at the top right
  • Click on 'status wijzigen' at the top right
  • Choose 'rapportage aanmelden'
  • Go to tab 'rapportage'
  • Click on 'toevoegen'
  • Choose type of submission
  • And please include a reason
  • Go to tab 'documenten'
  • Click on 'selecteren'
  • Upload the documents
  • Click on 'opslaan en sluiten' to save the submission
  • Click on 'status wijzigen'
  • Choose 'rapportage indienen'


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