A.G. Leemhuis PhD

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research, Other
Child development after high risk pregnancy
Focus of research

Child health, growth and development after high risk pregnancies, especially very preterm birth. Evaluation of diseases and treatment policies during the neonatal period and during pregnancy .

Key publications
  • La Gamma Edmund F., van Wassenaer Aleid G., Ares Susana, Golombek Sergio G., Kok Joke H., Quero Jose, Hong Ting, Rahbar Mohammad H., de Escobar Gabriella Morreale, Fisher Delbert A., Paneth Nigel Phase 1 trial of 4 thyroid hormone regimens for transient hypothyroxinemia in neonates of <28 weeks' gestation Pediatrics 2009;124 (2):e258-e268 [PubMed]
  • van Wassenaer A. G., Kok J. H., de Vijlder J. J., Briët J. M., Smit B. J., Tamminga P., van Baar A., Dekker F. W., Vulsma T. Effects of thyroxine supplementation on neurologic development in infants born at less than 30 weeks' gestation New England journal of medicine 1997;336 (1):21-26 [PubMed]
  • Beukers Fenny, Cranendonk Anneke, de Vries Johanna I. P., Wolf Hans, Lafeber Harry N., Vriesendorp Hester C., Ganzevoort Wessel, van Wassenaer-Leemhuis Aleid G. Catch-up growth in children born growth restricted to mothers with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy Archives of disease in childhood 2013;98 (1):30-35 [PubMed]
  • Geldof Christiaan Ja, Oosterlaan Jaap, Vuijk Pieter Jelle, de Vries Meindert J., Kok Joke H., van Wassenaer-Leemhuis Aleid G. Visual sensory and perceptive functioning in 5-year-old very preterm/very-low-birthweight children Developmental medicine and child neurology 2014;56 (9):862-868 [PubMed]
  • van Hus Janeline W. P., Jeukens-Visser Martine, Koldewijn Karen, Geldof Christiaan J. A., Kok Joke H., Nollet Frans, van Wassenaer-Leemhuis Aleid G. Sustained developmental effects of the infant behavioral assessment and intervention program in very low birth weight infants at 5.5 years corrected age Journal of pediatrics 2013;162 (6):1112-1119 [PubMed]
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