B. Jensen MSc PhD

Research Associate
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Cardiac evolution
Focus of research
My research focus is cardiac evolution from fish to man and I study expression of genes, development, anatomy and physiology. I am interested in the evolutionary conservation of the building plan of the heart, but also in the rich variation of cardiac chambers, septa and architecture.

Key publications
  • Jensen Bjarke, Boukens Bastiaan J. D., Postma Alex V., Gunst Quinn D., van den Hoff Maurice J. B., Moorman Antoon F. M., Wang Tobias, Christoffels Vincent M. Identifying the Evolutionary Building Blocks of the Cardiac Conduction System PLoS ONE 2012;7 (9):e44231 [PubMed]
  • Jensen Bjarke, Moorman Antoon F. M., Wang Tobias Structure and function of the hearts of lizards and snakes Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 2014;89 (2):302-336 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. V.M. Christoffels PhD (Transcriptional mechanism controlling heart development, regeneration and rhythm)

J.M. Ruijter PhD (Cardiac Morphogenesis / Quantitative PCR)