BEng B.D.M. Boeser-Nunnink

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Molecular biology; Virology
Focus of research

Function of hiv

Key publications
  • Bunnik Evelien M., Euler Zelda, Welkers Matthijs R. A., Boeser-Nunnink Brigitte D. M., Grijsen Marlous L., Prins Jan M., Schuitemaker Hanneke Adaptation of HIV-1 envelope gp120 to humoral immunity at a population level Nature medicine 2010;16 (9):995-997 [PubMed]
  • van Manen Danielle, Kootstra Neeltje A., Boeser-Nunnink Brigitte, Handulle Muna A. M., van 't Wout Angelique B., Schuitemaker Hanneke Association of HLA-C and HCP5 gene regions with the clinical course of HIV-1 infection (vol 23, pg 19, 2009) AIDS (London, England) 2010;24 (6):939
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PhD N.A. Kootstra (Host-virus interaction and immune responses in viral infections.)