D. Pajkrt MD PhD

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
Focus of research

Pediatric viral  infections


Key publications
  • Bruning AHL, Leeflang MMG, Vos JMBW, Spijker R, de Jong MD, Wolthers KC, Pajkrt D, Rapid Tests for Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and Other Respiratory Viruses: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. CLIN INFECT DIS 2017;65 (6):1026-1032 [PubMed]
  • Cohen S, Caan MWA, Mutsaerts HJ, Scherpbier HJ, Kuijpers TW, Reiss P, Majoie CBLM, Pajkrt D, Cerebral injury in perinatally HIV-infected children compared to matched healthy controls. NEUROLOGY 2016;86 (1):19-27 [PubMed]
  • Weijsenfeld AM, Smit C, Cohen S, Wit FWNM, Mutschelknauss M, van der Knaap LC, van Zonneveld LM, Zomer BJ, Nauta N, Patist JC, Kuipers-Jansen MHJ, Smit EP, Blokhuis C, Pajkrt D, Weijsenfeld AM, Cohen S, Blokhuis C, van der Plas A, Scherpbier HJ, Mutschelknauss M, Nellen FJB, Prins JM, Pajkrt D, Smit C, Wit FWNM, Reiss P, van der Knaap L, Visser E, van Zonneveld LM, Vriesde ME, Bassant NY, van der Ende ME, van Rossum AMC, Driessen GJA, Fraaij PLA, Smit JV, Smit EP, Kastelijns MPW, den Hollander JG, Pogány K, Moons C, Kroon FP, Oude Geerdink E, van der Meche IB, Schouten WEM, Brinkman K, ter Beest G, Gisolf EH, Richter C, Zomer BJ, Strik-Albers R, van der Flier M, Henriet SS, Koopmans PP, Patist JC, Nauta N, Geelen SPM, Wolfs TFW, Hoepelman IM, Mudrikova T, van der Meulen PA, de Jonge H, Scholvink EH, Bierman WFW, van den Berg JF, Bouwhuis JW, Faber S, van Vonderen M, Schippers JA, Lowe SH, Kuipers-Jansen MHJ, van Kasteren MEE, Brouwer AE, Pronk DC, Kortmann W, Virological and Social Outcomes of HIV-Infected Adolescents and Young Adults in The Netherlands Before and After Transition to Adult Care. CLIN INFECT DIS 2016;63 (8):1105-1112 [PubMed]
  • Cohen S, ter Stege JA, Geurtsen GJ, Scherpbier HJ, Kuijpers TW, Reiss P, Schmand B, Pajkrt D, Poorer cognitive performance in perinatally HIV-infected children versus healthy socioeconomically matched controls. CLIN INFECT DIS 2015;60 (7):1111-1119 [PubMed]
  • van den Hof M, Blokhuis C, Cohen S, Scherpbier HJ, Wit FWNM, Pistorius MCM, Kootstra NA, Teunissen CE, Mathot RAA, Pajkrt D, CNS penetration of ART in HIV-infected children. J ANTIMICROB CHEMOTH 2018;73 (2):484-489 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Pediatric viral infections, focus on hiv and picornavirus infection

Dasja Pajkrt is a pediatric infectious disease specialist, who has been holding a clinical staff position at the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2004. Initially, her scientific interests were directed towards inflammatory responses in sepsis, resulting in a PhD degree under supervision of Prof. Dr. T. van der Poll and Prof. Dr. J.W. ten Cate in 1996. After being board certificatied as pediatrician, she finalized her training in pediatric infectious disease. After obtaining her MBA degree in 2010, her clinical experiences within the pediatric population redirected her scientific focus towards her current clinical research lines on pediatric viral infections. The focus of her research group is on (long-term complications of) hiv, picornavirus and other virus infections in children.

D. Pajkrt MD PhD
Dr. K.C. Wolthers MD PhD

Dr. C. Blokhuis
A.H.L. Bruning MD
A. Sridhar MSc PhD

PhD Students
I. Aknouch
D. de Blauw BSc
L. Brouwer
J.A. Depla MSc
A.M. ter Haar
M. van den Hof MD

Prof. dr. T.W. Kuijpers MD PhD (Infection and inflammation: on the crossroad of hematology and immunology)

Dr. K.C. Wolthers MD PhD (Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of human picornaviruses)

Other research related activities
  • Other, EU (European Union Committee)
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, Paediatric Association of the Netherlands (NVK), Voorzitter Sectie Pediatrische Infectieziekte & Immunologie
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, Pediatrisch HIV Overleg Nederland, Pediatrisch HIV Overleg Nederland
  • Other, Other
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, ESPID 2020, Member Local Organizing Committee
Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde
  • Stichting Aidsfonds/SOA AIDS Nederland
  • Stichting tot Steun EKZ-AMC