Dr. D. Sent PhD

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Teaching, Research
Medical Informatics (Medische Informatiekunde)
Focus of research

decision support, guideline development and implementation

Key publications
  • Sent D, van der Gaag LC, Enhancing Automated Test Selection in Probabilistic Networks. LECT NOTES COMPUT SC 2007;4594:331-335
  • Sent D, van der Gaag LC, On the Behaviour of Information Measures for Test Selection. LECT NOTES COMPUT SC 2007;4594:316-326
  • Sent D, van der Gaag LC, Generalised reliability characteristics for probabilistic networks. ARTIF INTELL MED 2005;34 (1):41-52 [PubMed]
  • Sent D. Test-selection Strategies for Probabilistic Networks. Utrecht: s.n.; 2005. -p. ISBN 90393340234 Proefschrift Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit B`etawetenschappen, Departement Informatica. (Promotor(s): van der Gaag LC; copromotor(s): )
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Prof. dr. A. Abu-Hanna (Methodology in Medical Informatics)