Dr. M. Nicolaou

Main activities
Dietary patterns in ethnic minority groups, perception of overweight.
Focus of research

Diet and physical activity among ethnic minority and migrant-origin groups and their role in obesity, cardiovascular disease risk and mental health.

  • measurement of diet
  • determinants of diet and physical activity with focus on the socio-cultural environment
  • development of culturally sensitive lifestyle interventions.
Key publications
  • Dekker LH, Snijder MB, Beukers MH, de Vries JHM, Brants HAM, de Boer EJ, van Dam RM, Stronks K, Nicolaou M, A prospective cohort study of dietary patterns of non-western migrants in the Netherlands in relation to risk factors for cardiovascular diseases: HELIUS-Dietary Patterns. BMC PUBLIC HEALTH 2011;11 (1):441 [PubMed]
  • Nicolaou M, Doak CM, van Dam RM, Brug J, Stronks K, Seidell JC, Cultural and social influences on food consumption in dutch residents of Turkish and moroccan origin: a qualitative study. J NUTR EDUC BEHAV 2009;41 (4):232-241 [PubMed]
  • Nicolaou M. Diet and Overweight Perception. An explorative study among migrant groups in the Netherlands: Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese. Amsterdam: Mary Nicolaou; 2009. 163p. ISBN 978-90-8659-278-4 Proefschrift Vrije Universiteit, EMGO Institute, onderzoek in AMC-UvA. (Promotor(s): Seidell JC, Stronks K; copromotor(s): Doak CM, van Dam RM)
  • Nicolaou M, van Dam RM, Stronks K, Acculturation and education level in relation to quality of the diet: a study of Surinamese South Asian and Afro-Caribbean residents of the Netherlands. J HUM NUTR DIET 2006;19 (5):383-393 [PubMed]
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Prof. dr. K. Stronks PhD (Social inequalities in health)

Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Europese Unie