Dr. M. Peters

Associate professor (UHD)
Main activities
Patient care, Teaching
Hemophilia, Peditaric benign hematology, Sickle cell disease
Focus of research


- Health related Quality of life in Hemophilia

- Risk factors of inhibitors in haemophilia

- clinical studies  of  long acting FVIII concentrate

- Rare Bleeding disorders in the Netherlands


Sickle cell disease:

- Neonatal screening of hemoglobinopathies



Key publications
  • Teunissen M, Hijmans CT , Cnossen MH, Bronner MB, Grootenhuis MA, Peters M, Quality of life and behavioral functioning in Dutch pediatric patients with hereditary spherocytosis. EUR J PEDIATR 2014;173 (9):1217-1223 [PubMed]
  • van Ommen CH, Peters M, Clinical practice. EUR J PEDIATR 2012;171 (1):1-10 [PubMed]
  • Fijnvandraat K, Cnossen MH, Leebeek FWG, Peters M, Diagnosis and management of haemophilia. BMJ-BRIT MED J 2012;344:e2707 [PubMed]
  • Peters M, Heijboer H, Smiers F, Giordano PC, Diagnosis and management of thalassaemia. BMJ-BRIT MED J 2012;344:e228 [PubMed]
  • Vansenne F, de Borgie CAJM, Legdeur M, Spauwen MO, Peters M, Providing genetic risk information to parents of newborns with sickle cell trait: role of the general practitioner in neonatal screening. GENET TEST MOL BIOMA 2011;15 (10):671-675 [PubMed]
  • Bouva MJ, Sollaino C, Perseu L, Galanello R, Giordano PC, Harteveld CL, Cnossen MH, Schielen PCJI, Elvers LH, Peters M, Relationship between neonatal screening results by HPLC and the number of α-thalassaemia gene mutations; consequences for the cut-off value. J MED SCREEN 2011;18 (4):182-186 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae



Surname Peters
First names Marjolein
Date of birth and place 29-03-1954, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Address for correspondence Emma Children’s Hospital AMC
Dep. of Pediatric Hematology
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone + 31 20 566 2727
Fax +31 20 566 9683
Medical license number 89023238801
BROK certificate 18-2-2014 (E09275)

Pediatric hematologist
Head of the dep. of Pediatric Hematology
Head of the Comprehensive care Hemophilia Treatment Center, AMC
Emma Children’s Hospital, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam

Education and Training

1989 – 1990 Post-doc research fellow, University Hospital Denver, Co, USA
1988 – 1990 Clinical fellowship pediatric hematology, Emma Children’s Hospital AMC
1984 – 1988 Residency in Pediatrics, Emma Children’s Hospital AMC
1984 PhD Theses: University of Amsterdam
“Intensive monitoring of coagulation and fibrinolytic parameters in the first
week of life”
1980 Graduation Medical School, University of Amsterdam

Work Clinical

1990 – present Pediatric – hematologist
1988 – 1990 Pediatrician – fellow pediatric hematology, AMC, Amsterdam

Administrative positions

2013 – 2015 Member Committee on neonatal screening: New recommendations. Health
Council of the Netherlands (Gezondheidsraad)
2012 – present Chairperson of the pediatric Hematology of the Dutch pediatric association
2012 – present Chairperson working group “Orderen”, electronic patient file. EVA project
2012 – 2015 Member “SLIM blood- and bloodproducts”, AMC
2009 – 2012 Member working group “Erfelijkheid en migranten”, ZONMW
2007 – present Chairperson of the Dutch national screening program on Hemoglobinopathy
2000 – 2004 Co-chairperson scientific subcommittee of perinatal hemostasis and thrombosis
1998 – 2004 Chairperson of the Dutch hemophilia treaters organization (NVHB)
1995 – 2001 Secretary of the Dutch society of thrombosis and hemostasis (NVTH)
1993 – 1995 Editorial member of Dutch pediatric hematology guidelines
1992 – 1996 Member hospital transfusion committee AMC

Professional Memberships

Member of the Dutch neonatal screening steering committee (PNHS), since 2006
Member of the Dutch hemoglobinopathy treaters organization (LWHB), since 2000
Member of the Dutch society of hematology (NVvH), since 1994
Member of the SSC perinatal hemostasis of the ISTH, since 1992
Member of the Dutch hemophilia treaters organization (NVHB), since 1990
Member of the world hemophilia foundation, since 1990
Member of the ISTH, since 1990
Member of the Dutch foundation of thrombosis and hemostasis (NVTH), since 1990
Member of the Dutch society of pediatrics (NVK), since 1984


Dec. 2015 Basic qualification teaching (BKO) at medical faculty of University of Amsterdam
1995 – present Hematology and medicine bachelors and masters’ medical students

Research projects

2016 – present Member of steering board: rare bleeding disorders in the Netherlands
2014 – 2016 Post-partum hemorrhage in carriers with hemophilia. Local and nationwide
2010 – 2015 Member of steering board investigator of Selfmanagement and adherence in
2014 Certificate for basic course for clinical investigators (BROK) (18 february )
2010 – present Quality of life in hemophilia (KLIK), PhD student: P. Limperg
2012 – 2013 Quality of life in Dutch pediatric patients with hereditary spherocytosis
2008 – present Member of steering board investigator of the INSIGHT study. (Inhibitors in non-
severe hemophilia), PhD students C. Eckhardt, A. van Velzen
2007 – present Coordinator FOCUS study (Long term evaluation sickle cell disease patients), PhD
student V. van der Land
1999 – 2004 Member of the steering board: Hemophilia in the Netherlands (HiN V) research
1997 – 2004 Venous thromboembolism in childhood, PhD student C.H. van Ommen
1994 – 1998 Fetal and neonatal development of antithrombin 111, PhD student R. Niessen

PhD Students
Perrine Limpers, psychologist, PhD Thesis July 2017
Veronica van der Land
Joep Sins
Renee Niessens
Heleen van Ommen 2004
Subject N-Acetylcysteine for treatment of VOC in Sicke Cell Disease

External PhD review committees
Janske Lock


Several unrestricted research grants Pfizer, CSL Behring and Novo Nordisk (2009 – 2016)
Bayer award grant (2010 – 2013)
Dutch organization for scientific research (ZONMW 2010 – 2012)
Research grant Stichting Steun EKZ, Amsterdam (2004)
Research grant Dutch Hemophilia Foundation (2002)
Research grant Trombosis Foundation (2000)
Research grant Ter Meulen Foundation (post doc training Denver 1989)
Catherine van Tuschenbroek Foundation 1988)

Total amount of grants: $150,000 – 250,000 / yearly


More than 150 peer-reviewed publications in national and international scientific journals and chapters of books on pediatric hemostasis, - thrombosis and haemophilia. Hirsch factor 27.


British Medical Journal
European Journal of Haematology and Haemophilia
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis


Research programmes

Prof. dr. C.J. Fijnvandraat (Etiology of inhibitor development in hemophilia & Alloimunisation in Sickle Cell Disease)

Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Baxalta Innovations GmbH
  • BAYER B.V.
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • IQVIA RDS Netherlands B.V.
  • Pfizer Inc. GFSS - Americas
  • Roche Nederland B.V.
  • Swedish Orphan Biovitrum BVBA/SPRL