Dr. M. van Dijk PhD

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Main activities
molecular biology
Focus of research

We study the functional genomics and epigenetics in embryonic and placental development. Research is focussed on investigating genes involved in developmental processes occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy. Events leading to identical twinning or dysfunctional placentation causing pre-eclampsia and intra-uterine growth restriction are simulated to provide key insight into the origins of these events.  

Key publications
  • Ho L, van Dijk M, Chye STJ, Messerschmidt DM, Chng SC, Ong S, Yi LK, Boussata S, Goh GHY, Afink GB, Lim CY, Dunn NR, Solter D, Knowles BB, Reversade B, ELABELA deficiency promotes preeclampsia and cardiovascular malformations in mice. SCIENCE 2017;357 (6352):707-713 [PubMed]
  • Jain CV, Kadam L, van Dijk M, Kohan-Ghadr HR, Kilburn BA, Hartman C, Mazzorana V, Visser A, Hertz M, Bolnick AD, Fritz R, Armant DR, Drewlo S, Fetal genome profiling at 5 weeks of gestation after noninvasive isolation of trophoblast cells from the endocervical canal. SCI TRANSL MED 2016;8 (363):363re4 [PubMed]
  • van Dijk M, Visser A, Buabeng KML, Poutsma A, van der Schors RC, Oudejans CBM, Mutations within the LINC-HELLP non-coding RNA differentially bind ribosomal and RNA splicing complexes and negatively affect trophoblast differentiation. HUM MOL GENET 2015;24 (19):5475-5485 [PubMed]
  • van Dijk M, Thulluru HK, Mulders J, Michel OJ, Poutsma A, Windhorst S, Kleiverda G, Sie D, Lachmeijer AMA, Oudejans CBM, HELLP babies link a novel lincRNA to the trophoblast cell cycle. J CLIN INVEST 2012;122 (11):4003-4011 [PubMed]
  • van Dijk M, Mulders J, Poutsma A, Könst AAM, Lachmeijer AMA, Dekker GA, Blankenstein MA, Oudejans CBM, Maternal segregation of the Dutch preeclampsia locus at 10q22 with a new member of the winged helix gene family. NAT GENET 2005;37 (5):514-519 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae


Name:             Marie (Marietje) van Dijk

Date of birth:  September 28, 1980

Place of birth: Delft, the Netherlands




2016 – present            Assistant Professor - Reproductive Biology Laboratory, AMC, Amsterdam

2010 – 2016                Assistant Professor - Molecular Biology Laboratory, Clinical Chemistry, VUmc, Amsterdam

2009                            Postdoctoral Fellow - Molecular Biology Laboratory, Clinical Chemistry, VUmc, Amsterdam

2008                            Postdoctoral Fellow - Lye Lab, SLRI, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada

2003 – 2007                Ph.D. student Department of Clinical Chemistry, VUmc, Amsterdam


Education & Training

2017                           Good Clinical Practice

2003 – 2007               Ph.D. Cum Laude

Functional genomics of pre-eclampsia: the Dutch susceptibility gene STOX1

2002                           Radiation hygiene-professional level 5B

1998 – 2003               M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry

                                               major Molecular Pharmacology, minor Biochemistry

                                               Faculty of Exact Sciences, VU University Amsterdam


Other academic activities


2014 – 2016               Tutor BSc medical school students

2009 & 2011               Lecturer / Supervisor Academic Focus Education 3rd year BSc medical school

2005 – present            Supervisor internships & literature studies (11 Bachelor, 3 Master students)



2017 – present            Chairman LOC IFPA (International Federation of Placenta Associations) 2020 Amsterdam

2016 – 2017               Member International Scientific Advisory Commitee IFPA 2017

2014 – present            Member IFPA EPG (European Placenta Group) planning committee

2011 – 2016               Member Think Tank Institute for Cardiovascular Research VU

2011 – 2015               SRI (Society for Reproductive Investigation) In Training Member



2016    Ferring Innovation grant

2012    Institute for Cardiovascular Research VU (ICaR-VU) PhD-student grant

2010    VENI grant ZonMW

2008    Ter Meulen Fund KNAW



2010    SGI / Pfizer President’s Presenter Award

2009    IFPA travel award

2009    SGI / Wyeth President’s Presenter Award

2007    IFPA travel award


PhD students


D. Georgiadou (2021)



H. Thulluru (January 2016)

D. van Abel (September 2012)   

Research programmes

Prof. dr. S. Repping (Reproduction & Development -- Human Reproduction)

Prof. dr. B. Reversade (Reproduction & Development - Human Embryogenesis and Genetics)