Dr. M.D. Hazenberg MD PhD

Associate professor (UHD)
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; clinical care and research
Focus of research

Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and tumor immunology

Key publications
  • Gillissen MA, Kedde M, Jong Gd, Moiset G, Yasuda E, Levie SE, Bakker AQ, Claassen YB, Wagner K, Böhne M, Hensbergen PJ, Speijer D, van Helden PM, Beaumont T, Spits H, Hazenberg MD, AML-specific cytotoxic antibodies in patients with durable graft-versus-leukemia responses. BLOOD 2018;131 (1):131-143 [PubMed]
  • Gillissen MA, de Jong G, Kedde M, Yasuda E, Levie SE, Moiset G, Hensbergen PJ, Bakker AQ, Wagner K, Villaudy J, van Helden PM, Spits H, Hazenberg MD, Patient-derived antibody recognizes a unique CD43 epitope expressed on all AML and has antileukemia activity in mice. BLOOD ADV 2017;1 (19):1551-1564 [PubMed]
  • Munneke JM, Björklund AT, Mjösberg JM, Garming-Legert K, Bernink JH, Blom B, Huisman C, van Oers MHJ, Spits H, Malmberg KJ, Hazenberg MD, Activated innate lymphoid cells are associated with a reduced susceptibility to graft-versus-host disease. BLOOD 2014;124 (5):812-821 [PubMed]
  • Hazenberg MD, Spits H, Human innate lymphoid cells. BLOOD 2014;124 (5):700-709 [PubMed]
  • Gillissen MA, de Jong G, Levie SE, Yasuda E, Bakker AQ, Evers LM, Pals ST, Huisman C, van Helden PM, Spits H, Hazenberg MD, AML relapse after rituximab treatment for GvHD: crucial role for B cells in GvL responses. BONE MARROW TRANSPL 2016;51 (9):1245-1248 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Innate and adaptive immunity following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is an important therapeutic tool to cure patients with hematological malignancies because of the potent graft versus tumor (leukemia, lymphoma) effect it induces. HSCT is however frequently complicated by GvHD (about 70% of patients) and opportunistic infections. These complications are the cause of the typical high HSCT-associated morbidity, profoundly affecting the quality of life of HSCT recipients, and accounting for the high transplantation-related mortality - up to 30% - that characterizes allogeneic HSCT.

The overal aim of the research in my group is to gain a fundamental understanding of the immunological processes that determine curative anti/tumor immune responses after allogeneic HSCT. One line of research focuses on the role of B lymphocytes in the induction of GvHD and GvL reactivity and has led to the highly exciting and paradigm-shifting finding that patients with strong anti-leukemic activity generate AML-specific B cells that produce leukemic blasts killing antibodies. A second line of research involves the immunology of GvHD. We found that innate lymphoid cells (ILC) have epithelial tissue protective effects in patients who received an allogeneic HSCT, and we are currently studying ILC reconstitution and ILC function after allogeneic HSCT iin more detail. A third line of research concerns the role of the microbiome in GvHD pathopfysiology and ways to recover microbiome damage in patients who received an allogeneic HSCT.


Funding: NWO Clinical Fellowship, NWO VIDI/Aspasia, LSBR Fellowship, KWF


Dr. M.D. Hazenberg MD PhD
Dr. B. Blom

Dr. V. Van Hoeven PhD
Dr. G. Moiset PhD
Dr. M.M. Shikhagaie

PhD Students
Drs. G. de Jong MD (AIMM Therapeutics)
Y.F. van Lier
S.Z. Omar

N. Haverkate MSc

Prof. dr. M.H.J. van Oers (Pathogenesis and Immunotherapy of B cell malignancies)

Other research related activities
  • Contribution to guidelines and protocols, HOVON werkgroep Stamceltransplantatie
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, NEDERLANDS TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR HEMATOLOGIE
  • Membership of medical or scientific committee, HOVON, Stamceltransplantatie Werkgroep
Current research funding
  • AMC (Vrijgesteld)
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding
  • Landsteiner Stichting voor Bloedtransfusie Research
  • Stichting AMC Foundation (Vrijgesteld)
  • ZonMw