Dr. P.J. Nederkoorn MD PhD

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Focus of research

The Department of Neurology performs clinical and translational research within three research themes: infection & inflammation, cerebrovascular disorders, and movement disorders. The themes are imbedded in the nine translational research programs of Amsterdam Neuroscience, the research institute of neuroscience investigators in the Amsterdam area. All staff members of the Department of Neurology are involved in research and collaborate within Neuroscience Amsterdam, with other academic and non-academic hospitals, and with international research groups.

The Cerebrovascular Research Group focuses on the acute diagnostic and treatment options in both hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, including aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Solving burning clinical questions is the starting point of the group, but where needed fundamental research is used to understand pathophysiology and develop new treatment strategies – from bed to bench and vice versa. To do so, the group has a strong clinical research infrastructure which runs large cohort studies and (international) multicenter randomized controlled trials which focus on the surveillance, testing and implementation of both new pharmacological and medical devices treatment options in acute stroke. Translational studies are focusing on early diagnostics of stroke subtypes, penumbral salvage/neuroprotection and reperfusion injury. The group is working together with all other major cerebrovascular research groups within the MR Clean and CONTRAST collaborations and is embedded in the cerebrovascular program of Amsterdam Neuroscience Center and is part of the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences group.


Key publications
  • Westendorp WF, Vermeij JD, Zock E, Hooijenga IJ, Kruyt ND, Bosboom HJLW, Kwa VIH, Weisfelt M, Remmers MJM, ten Houten R, Schreuder AHCMT, Vermeer SE, van Dijk EJ, Dippel DWJ, Dijkgraaf MGW, Spanjaard L, Vermeulen M, van der Poll T, Prins JM, Vermeij FH, Roos YBWEM, Kleyweg RP, Kerkhoff H, Brouwer MC, Zwinderman AH, van de Beek D, Nederkoorn PJ [Contributors: van de Beek D, Nederkoorn PJ, Westendorp WF , Vermeij JD, Kerkhoff H, Zock E, Kleyweg RP, Bosboom JLW, Kwa VIH, Weisfelt M, Kruyt ND, Remmers MJM, van Dijk EJ, Vermeij F, Schreuder A, Vermeer SE, ten Houten R, Dippel DWJ, Kappelle LJ, van der Worp HB, Merkies ISJ, de Bruijn SFTM, de Laat KF, Haag D, Jellema K, Keizer K, de Rijk MC, Vermeij AJ, Visser MC, Aerden LAM, Schut ES, Reichman LJA, de Gans K, van den Berg-Vos RM, van Goor MPJ, Wijnhoud AD, van der Ree TC, Janmaat M, van Orshoven N, Manschot SM, Dijkgraaf MGW, van der Poll T, Prins JM, Spanjaard L, Vermeij FH]] , The Preventive Antibiotics in Stroke Study (PASS): a pragmatic randomised open-label masked endpoint clinical trial. LANCET 2015;385 (9977):1519-1526 [PubMed]
  • Bonati LH, Nederkoorn PJ, Clinical Perspective of Carotid Plaque Imaging. NEUROIMAG CLIN N AM 2016;26 (1):175-182 [PubMed]
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  • Kloppenborg RP, Geerlings MI, Visseren FL, Mali WPTM, Vermeulen M, van der Graaf Y, Nederkoorn PJ, Homocysteine and progression of generalized small-vessel disease The SMART-MR Study. NEUROLOGY 2014;82 (9):777-783 [PubMed]
  • Zinkstok SM, Engelter ST, Gensicke H, Lyrer PA, Ringleb PA, Artto V, Putaala J, Haapaniemi E, Tatlisumak T, Chen Y, Leys D, Sarikaya H, Michel P, Odier C, Berrouschot J, Arnold M, Heldner MR, Zini A, Fioravanti V, Padjen V, Beslac-Bumbasirevic L, Pezzini A, Roos YB, Nederkoorn PJ, Safety of Thrombolysis in Stroke Mimics Results From a Multicenter Cohort Study. STROKE 2013;44 (4):1080-U234 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Paul J Nederkoorn, 3-2-1969, Neurologist, Clinical Epidemiologist
1997 Medicine, MD, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
2002 Doctorate (PhD), Utrecht University
2005 Master of Science Clinical Epidemiology (MSc), Utrecht University
2007 Board certification Neurology, AMC Amsterdam
Positions and Employment
- Staff member Department of Neurology, Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam
- Position as Principal Investigator at the AMC Amsterdam
- Principle Investigator ‘Preventive Antibiotics in Stroke Study (PASS)’
- Member Steering Committee and nationwide PI ‘Second European Carotid Surgery Trial (ECST-2)’
- Co-chair Thrombolysis in ischemic stroke patients (TriSP) collaboration
- Board member Dutch Neurovascular Society (Nederlandse Neurovasculaire Werkgroep)
- Board member Neurovascular Intervention Center Amsterdam (NICA)
- Fellow European Stroke Organisation (ESO)
- Member Medical Ethical Committee AMC

Other Experience and Professional Memberships
- Associate editor Stroke-group Cochrane Collaboration
- Member editorial board journal Neurovascular Imaging (NVI)
- Member Dutch guideline-committee ‘minor head injury’ (CBO)
- Chair committee quality measures Dutch association of Neurology
- Chair Clinical Audit Board CVA-benchmark Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA) and Dutch Society for Neurology (NVN).

Honours and awards
- Dr. J. Meerwaldt Award, Dutch Society of Neurology: best thesis in neuroscience 2002
- Philips Award, Dutch Society of Radiology: best thesis in diagnostic imaging 2003

Research Support
Multicentre Randomized trial of Acute Stroke treatment in the Ambulance with a nitroglycerine Patch (MrASAP)
Netherlands Heart Foundation/ CardioVasculair Onderzoek Nederland (CVON): 1.4 million euro (co-PI). This RCT is part of Consortium for New Treatments of Acute Stroke (CONTRAST), awarded with 6 million euro

Dutch CVA Benchmark research project
DICA Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing: 150.000 euro (PI)

Thombolysis and Uncontrolled Hypertension Study (Thruth)
Fonds NUTS-OHRA: 165.000 euro (co-PI)

Preventive antibiotics in stroke study (PASS)
Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (ZonMW): 500.000 euro (applicant and PI)
Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS): 250.000 euro (applicant and PI)

‘Parelsnoer initiatief (PSI)’ stroke study
NFU (Dutch Federation of Universities): 280.000 (local PI, local grant AMC)

‘Plaque At RISK (PARISK)’ – study
CTMM project co-funded by NHF; 150.000 (local PI clinical cohort study)


Research programmes


In general, as a stroke neurologist and clinical epidemiologist my expertise is to perform patient-oriented stroke research and we try to answer ‘clinical burning questions’ in pragmatic, clinical studies.


Carotid artery disease

Nation-wide leader, co-investigator of the Second European Carotid Surgery Trial (ECST-2). This is a novel RCT of this European consortium after the International Carotid Stenting Study (ICSS) was completed (Lancet 2010). Recently obtained funding for Dutch population in this RCT (ZonMW) 2017): Carotid endarterectomy or optimized medical therapy in patients with symptomatic carotid artery stenosis: a cost effectiveness analysis.


Acute stroke treatments

A Dutch landmark trial, MrCLEAN, was finished in 2015 of which I was co-investigator: ‘A randomized trial of intra-arterial treatment for acute ischemic stroke’ (NEJM 2015). This has led to formation of the ‘Dutch Consortium for new treatments in acute stroke (CONTRAST)’. In this consortium I am co-PI of the Multicentre Randomized trial of Acute Stroke treatment in the Ambulance with a nitroglycerine Patch (MrASAP) study which will start during 2017. Furthermore, I am also co-PI of the ongoing Thombolysis and Uncontrolled Hypertension (TRUTH) Study, a nationwide cohort study in IVT stroke patients.


Post-stroke infections

Co-PI of the ‘Preventive Antibiotics and Stroke Study (PASS)’, a large stroke RCT funded by the Netherlands Heart Foundation and ZonMW. Between 2010 and 2015, in 30 Dutch centres 2550 acute stroke patients were enrolled. Results were presented at the World Stroke Conference 2015 (Istanbul) and subsequently published (Lancet 2015).


Research into effect of benchmarking

The Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA) facilitates clinical audits among which the CVA Benchmark (CVAB). In the CVAB (chair) stroke patients are included and indicators concerning acute stroke treatment are registered. By analysing this big data, quality of stroke care can be determined and changes can be implemented to improve stroke care.

Dr. P.J. Nederkoorn MD PhD
Dr. J. Coutinho MD PhD

Dr. S.M. Zinkstok MD PhD

PhD Students
S.A. van den Berg MD
L.S. Kuhrij
N.A. Lammers
Drs. M.I. Liem MD
Drs. F.H.M. Spaander
T.J. van Velzen MD MSc
Drs. J.D. Vermeij MD
Drs. T.P. Zonneveld

Prof. dr. Y.B.W.E.M. Roos PhD (Stroke)

Other research related activities
  • Board of directors / Trustees / Supervisory board, National Society of Neurology (NVN)
  • Membership of editorial board / Editorship, COCHRANE DATABASE OF SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS
  • Contribution to guidelines and protocols, CBO: Stroke; Minor Head Injury
Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing
  • Fonds NUTS-OHRA
  • Nederlandse Hartstichting
  • NVN
  • Stichting Het Remmert Adriaan Laan Fonds
  • UMC Maastricht
  • Universitaetsspital Basel
  • University College London
  • ZonMw