Dr. S.D. Olabarriaga

Scientific staff member (UD)
Main activities
Research, Teaching
Computer Science, Medical Imaging, e-Science, Health data science, Big data, e-Infrastructure
Focus of research

In the e-Bioscience group of the Bioinformatics Laboratory we research and develop new methodologies for the analysis of data using advanced concepts from information and communication technology (ICT). We work closely with AMC researchers that have large or complex data analysis problems in various areas, for example medical imaging and genomics. Together, we are able to accomplish data analysis faster, more easily, more reliably, or more accurately. This research area has been coined more generally as "e-science", or "enhanced" science obtained with the help of advanced information technologies.

Our research activities are therefore multidisciplinary, in the space between Computer Science, Medical Imaging, Bioinformatics or more generally Medical Informatics. See also

Key publications
  • Olabarriaga SD, Glatard T, de Boer PT, A virtual laboratory for medical image analysis. IEEE T INF TECHNOL B 2010;14 (4):979-985 [PubMed]
  • Shahand S, Benabdelkader A, Jaghoori MM, al Mourabit M, Huguet J, Caan MWA, van Kampen AHC, Olabarriaga SD, A data-centric neuroscience gateway: design, implementation, and experiences. CONCURR COMP-PRACT E 2015;27 (2):489-506
  • Olabarriaga SD, Smeulders AW, Interaction in the segmentation of medical images: a survey. MED IMAGE ANAL 2001;5 (2):127-142 [PubMed]
  • Jaghoori MM, Bleijlevens B, Olabarriaga SD, 1001 Ways to run AutoDock Vina for virtual screening. J COMPUT AID MOL DES 2016;30 (3):237-249 [PubMed]
  • Madougou S, Shahand S, Santcroos M, Schaik B van, Benabdelkader A, Kampen A , Olabarriaga S, Characterizing workflow-based activity on a production e-infrastructure using provenance data. FUTURE GENER COMP SY 2013;29 (8):1931-1942
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In this research line we apply and evaluate advanced information technology in health and in biomedical research. In the past this has included usage of distributed research infrastructures, both for large-scale computing and more recently also for research data management.
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Dr. S.D. Olabarriaga

PhD Students
A.J. van Altena
L.A. Ramos
R. Sales Barros MSc
T. Tervoort
M. Tuler de Oliveira

P.F. de Geest MSc
F. Oliveira Gutierrez MSc

Other research related activities
  • member, Life Science Grid Community
  • Membership of advisory board / Consultant, Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • member, Steering committee of CCGrid-Health workshop
  • Other, Steering committee of ERROR workshop
Current research funding
  • AMC
  • Europese Unie