Drs. M.L. Reilingh

PhD student
Main activities
Focus of research

Treatment of osteochondral talar defects

Key publications
  • Reilingh ML, Tuijthof GJM, van Dijk CN, Blankevoort L, The influence of foot geometry on the calcaneal osteotomy angle based on two-dimensional static force analyses. ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU 2011;131 (11):1491-1497 [PubMed]
  • Reilingh ML, Beimers L, Tuijthof GJM, Stufkens SAS, Maas M, van Dijk CN, Measuring hindfoot alignment radiographically: the long axial view is more reliable than the hindfoot alignment view. SKELETAL RADIOL 2010;39 (11):1103-1108 [PubMed]
  • van Dijk CN, Reilingh ML, Zengerink M, van Bergen CJA, Osteochondral defects in the ankle: why painful?. KNEE SURG SPORT TR A 2010;18 (5):570-580 [PubMed]
  • Reilingh ML, van Bergen CJA, van Dijk CN, Diagnosis and treatment of osteochondral defects of the ankle. SA ORTHOP J 2009;8 (2):44--50
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