Drs. M.S. Rana

PhD student
Main activities
Transcriptional Regulation, Cardiac development
Focus of research

T-box factors in the developing heart

Key publications
  • Mesbah K, Rana MS, Francou A, van Duijvenboden K, Papaioannou VE, Moorman AF, Kelly RG, Christoffels VM, Identification of a Tbx1/Tbx2/Tbx3 genetic pathway governing pharyngeal and arterial pole morphogenesis. HUM MOL GENET 2012;21 (6):1217-1229 [PubMed]
  • Rana MS, Horsten NCA, Tesink-Taekema S, Lamers WH, Moorman AFM, van den Hoff MJB, Trabeculated right ventricular free wall in the chicken heart forms by ventricularization of the myocardium initially forming the outflow tract. CIRC RES 2007;100 (7):1000-1007 [PubMed]
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