F. Bennebroek Evertsz

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Clinical psychologist/psychotherapist/supervisor of the Dutch Compagny of Cognitive Behavioral Ther
Focus of research

KL!C study; Enhancing the quality of life of patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a
multi-center study investigating cognitive behavioral therapy.

Individuals with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD; Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis)
have been found to report poorer quality of life and more psychological distress than
comparison-controls from the general population. One of the most promising interventions for
enhancing quality of life and decreasing distress in people is cognitive behavioral therapy.
Such therapy is aimed at amending unhelpful cognitions and attitudes and offers a welldeveloped
intervention protocol that has been found to be effective in people with other
chronic illnesses. The primary objective is to investigate the short-term effectiveness of
individual cognitive behavioral therapy in a Dutch sample of IBD patients on quality of life,
cognitions and attitudes. IBD patients who have a poor level of mental quality of life are
randomly assigned to a treatment condition (n = 40) and a waiting-list control condition (n =
40). Patients complete standardized self-report measures on quality of life, illness-related
cognitions and attitudes prior to and one month following intervention or control period.
In case the intervention is feasible and effective, a new cognitive behavioral therapy protocol
can be offered to patients with IBD and, possibly, other gastroenterological diseases. By
enhancing IBD patients' quality of life, we may also improve their physical health, and
ultimately lower unnecessary health care consumption.

Key publications
  • Broers Sandra, Smets Ellen, Bindels Patrick, Bennebroek Evertsz' Floor, Calff Mart, de Haes Hanneke Training general practitioners in behavior change counseling to improve asthma medication adherence Patient education and counseling 2005;58 (3):279-287 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

Drs. Floor Bennebroek Evertsz’ studied Psychology and graduated in Clinical Psychology at
the University of Amsterdam (1989). In 1997 she has been registered as a Psychotherapist
(BIG) at the RINO Noord-Holland (a post academic institute for professionals in mental
health care). In 2006 she was registered as a Clinical Psychologist and in 2009 as a supervisor
of the Dutch Association of Behaviour & Cognitive Therapies. Since 1991 Floor has her
private practice in Psychotherapy. She is also a senior lecturer Psychotherapist/Clinical
Psychologist at the RINO Noord-Holland and she is a member of the Section of Somatic and
Somatoform Disorders of the Dutch Association of Behaviour & Cognitive Therapies.
In 2009 she started her PhD project entitled ‘Enhancing the quality of life of patients with
inflammatory bowel disease: a multi-center study investigating cognitive behavioral therapy.’
In addition to her PhD project, Floor is since 1994 working at the Department Medical
Psychology in the Section of Patient Care. She is specialized in the patients with psychiatric
disorders (i.e. anxiety and depression disorders) with as a comorbidity somatic illnesses. Her
research focuses on the development and evaluation of psychological interventions (cognitive
behavioral therapy) by patients with chronic somatic illnesses, specifically Inflammatory
Bowel Diseases.

Current research funding
  • Maag, Lever, Darm Stichting