F. Fahmi MSc

PhD student
Main activities
Research, Teaching
Medical Image Analysis
Focus of research

Focus of my research is on medical image analysis, especially for CT Perfusion (CTP) application. This includes development of registration method, correction of head movement and utilization of CTP based CT Angiography.  

Key publications
  • Fahmi F, Marquering HA , Streekstra GJ, Beenen LFM, Velthuis BK, VanBavel E, Majoie CB, Differences in CT Perfusion Summary Maps for Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke Generated by 2 Software Packages. AM J NEURORADIOL 2012;33 (11):2074-2080 [PubMed]
  • Fahmi F, Beenen LFM, Streekstra GJ, Janssen NY, de Jong HW, Riordan A, Roos YB, Majoie CB, VanBavel E, Marquering HA, Head movement during CT brain perfusion acquisition of patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke. EUR J RADIOL 2013;82 (12):2334-2341 [PubMed]
  • Fahmi F, Riordan A, Beenen LFM, Streekstra GJ, Janssen NY, de Jong HW, Majoie CBL, van Bavel E, Marquering HA, The effect of head movement on CT perfusion summary maps: simulations with CT hybrid phantom data. MED BIOL ENG COMPUT 2014;52 (2):141-147 [PubMed]
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