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Writing a research program 'Fostering Responsible Research Practices' during a nine-months secondment in 2015, at the the main national health research funder, ZonMw, led me to start a new research line. It replaces my previous, no longer supported, research line on asthma and COPD. In the near future, the new program will remain modestly sized given my secondments as a senior methods consultant at the departments of Geriatrics, Cardiology and the AUAS knowledge center 'ACHIEVE'.


The nascent program 'Responsible Reporting in Competitive Research Environments' focuses on selective and transparent reporting and the role of editors and journals therein (2 postdocs). Like the ZonMw program, it takes its inspiration from the research waste initiative, open science and meta-research activities such as the one at METRICS, Stanford. Currently, I am also participating in the Academic Research Culture in Amsterdam project (ARCA), the National Survey on Research Integrity (ZonMw).

The grants from ZonMw (postdoc for 2 years, 150kE) and Elsevier (postdoc for one year, 95kE) are being transferred at the time of writing (Dr. Mario Malicki, Split University, Croatia and another postdoc to be appointed). Project 1, collaborating with Prof. H. Paul from Leiden is on (the history of) competitive research funding ('Follow the money'). Project 2 is an Elsevier-sponsored project (What can journals do?) about the role of journals and publishers in publishing better science. These projects fit in nicely with my teaching activities at VU University and the AMC Graduate School (moral case deliberation and interactive lectures for PhD students) and with supervising AMC Bachelors and Masters students in scientific electives on related topics.


Key publications
  • Loymans Rik J. B., Gemperli Armin, Cohen Judith, Rubinstein Sidney M., Sterk Peter J., Reddel Helen K., Jüni Peter, ter Riet Gerben Comparative effectiveness of long term drug treatment strategies to prevent asthma exacerbations: network meta-analysis BMJ (Clinical research ed.) 2014;348:g3009 [PubMed]
  • Loymans Rik J. B., Honkoop Persijn J., Termeer Evelien H., Snoeck-Stroband Jiska B., Assendelft Willem J. J., Schermer Tjard R. J., Chung Kian Fan, Sousa Ana R., Sterk Peter J., Reddel Helen K., Sont Jacob K., ter Riet Gerben Identifying patients at risk for severe exacerbations of asthma: development and external validation of a multivariable prediction model Thorax 2016;71 (9):838-846 [PubMed]
  • Korevaar D. A., Hooft L., ter Riet G. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of preclinical studies: publication bias in laboratory animal experiments Laboratory animals 2011;45 (4):225-230 [PubMed]
  • ter Riet Gerben, Korevaar Daniel A., Leenaars Marlies, Sterk Peter J., van Noorden Cornelis J. F., Bouter Lex M., Lutter René, Elferink Ronald P. Oude, Hooft Lotty Publication Bias in Laboratory Animal Research: A Survey on Magnitude, Drivers, Consequences and Potential Solutions PLoS ONE 2012;7 (9):e43404 [PubMed]
  • Puhan Milo A., Siebeling Lara, Zoller Marco, Muggensturm Patrick, ter Riet Gerben Simple functional performance tests and mortality in COPD European respiratory journal 2013;42 (4):956-963 [PubMed]
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MD PhD G. ter Riet (Fostering Responsible Research Practices)

In the Academic Medical Center, I am currently seconded as a clinical epidemiology and biostatistics consultant at the Departments of Geriatrics (Dr. Bianca Buurman) and Cardiology and at The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Wilma Scholte op Reimer & Prof. Ron Peters). In 2015, I wrote the ZonMw Research Programma on Fostering Responsibe Research Practices: At the Department of General Practice, I serve as a methods and statistics consultant. Twice a year, I teach at the Research Integrity Course at the Free University with Prof. Lex Bouter and Prof. Guy Widdershoven. I also teach at the World of Science at AMC's Graduate School on Research Integrity and Professional Dilemma's in Research.

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