G.F.J.P.M. Adriaensen

PhD Candidate, Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care
KNO heelkunde
Focus of research

Viruses and polyposis nasi.

Research programmes

Prof. PhD W.J. Fokkens (Pathology of upper airway and digestive system)

 Main field of interest is sinus and skull base surgery and mucosal pathology of the upper and lower airways.

G.F.J.P.M. Adriaensen
Prof. PhD A.J.M. Balm
PhD F.A. Ebbens
PhD C. Georgalas
Prof. P.W. Hellings
PhD C.E.L. Hoekstra
S.M. Reinartz
MD PhD I. Terreehorst
PhD C.M. van Drunen
E. van Spronsen