H. Galenkamp-van der Ploeg PhD

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Socioeconomic inequalities in health

People in lower socio-economic groups are, in general, less healthy than people in higher groups. The size of the inequalities varies by the health indicator used. E.g. for indicators that relate to a biomedical concept of health, such as suffering from a chronic condition, inequalities seem to be smaller than for indicators representing a broader view on health, such as self-perceived health. Which indicators should guide health policy?

Key publications
  • Galenkamp Henrike, Stronks Karien, Snijder Marieke B., Derks Eske M. Measurement invariance testing of the PHQ-9 in a multi-ethnic population in Europe: the HELIUS study BMC psychiatry 2017;17 (1):349 [PubMed]
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Prof. K. Stronks PhD (Social inequalities in health)