J.A. Adam

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
nuclear medicine / PET-CT
Focus of research

Oncologic multimodality imaging (PET-CT / SPECT-CT).

PET-CT staging and radiotherapy simulation in cervical cancer.

Key publications
  • Freling Nicole J. M., Merks Johannes H. M., Saeed Peerooz, Balm Alfons J. M., Bras Johannes, Pieters Bradley R., Adam Judit A., van Rijn Rick R. Imaging findings in craniofacial childhood rhabdomyosarcoma Pediatric radiology 2010;40 (11):1723-1738 [PubMed]
  • Heij Hugo A., Verschuur Arnauld C., Kaspers Gert-Jan L., van Rijn Rick R., Adam Judit A., Aronson Daniel C. Is aggressive local treatment necessary for diffuse liver involvement in patients with progression of stage 4s neuroblastoma to stage 4? Journal of pediatric surgery 2008;43 (9):1630-1635 [PubMed]
  • Bisschop Peter H., Adam Judit A., Wiersinga Wilmar M. Increased uptake of technetium-99m HDP in the subcortical area of both femurs in a patient with Graves' disease Thyroid 2007;17 (7):689-690 [PubMed]
  • Bakker Arjen H. F., van Dielen Francois M. H., Greve Jan Willem M., Adam Judit A., Buurman Wim A. Preadipocyte number in omental and subcutaneous adipose tissue of obese individuals Obesity research 2004;12 (3):488-498 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae

2006-recent Nuclear Medicine Physician (Academic Medical Specialist) Department of Nuclear Medicine (0,5 fte) and Radiology (0,3 fte), Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
                       Specialty: multimodality imaging and nuclear oncology
2012             Practical Statistics for Medical Research, University College London, England
2012             BROK (Basiscursus organisatie klinisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek) AMC Graduate School, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
2010             ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, Flims, Switzerland
2010             ESTO / EANM educational seminar on PET in radiation oncology, Brussels, Belgium
2009            4th Annual Symposium on PET-CT and molecular imaging - Stanford School of Medicine, USA
2006-2009 Trainee in CT (as part of the PET-CT program) at the Department of and Radiology, AMC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002-2006 Resident Nuclear Medicine, AMC
2001            Resident Internal Medicine, Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Delft, the Netherlands
2001            MD, Maastricht University Medical School, Maastricht, the Netherlands
1997- 2001 Researcher at the Department of Surgery of the Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands
1996- 1997 Ambulance Officer at the National Ambulance Service, Budapest, Hungary
1990- 1997 MD, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Hungary


Research programmes

Prof. B.L.F. van Eck-Smit PhD (Molecular imaging from mice to men)