J.P. Bil

PhD Candidate
Main activities
Public Health
Focus of research

Innovations in the prevention of HIV and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections

Key publications
  • Bil Janneke P., Davidovich Udi, van der Veldt Wendy M., Prins Maria, de Vries Henry J. C., Sonder Gerard J. B., Stolte Ineke G. What do Dutch MSM think of preexposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV-infection? A cross-sectional study AIDS (London, England) 2015;29 (8):955-964 [PubMed]
  • Bil Janneke P., van der Veldt Wendy M., Prins Maria, Stolte Ineke G., Davidovich Udi Motives of Dutch men who have sex with men for daily and intermittent HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis usage and preferences for implementation: A qualitative study Medicine 2016;95 (39):e4910 [PubMed]
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