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Quality of the GP specialty training
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Quality of  the GP specialty training 

The research concentrates on the development and measurement of quality indicators for the specialty training in a national project.

Other projects focus on improvement of quality; of trainers by development plans and feedback and of training practices by case-mix optimization.



Quality of life research with a focus on response shift.

Burnout in medical specialists 

Key publications
  • Taminiau-Bloem Elsbeth F., Visser Mechteld R. M., Tishelman Carol, Koeneman Margot A., van Zuuren Florence J., Sprangers Mirjam A. G. Somatically ill persons' self-nominated quality of life domains: review of the literature and guidelines for future studies Quality of life research 2010;19 (2):253-291 [PubMed]
  • Visser Mechteld R. M., Oort Frans J., Sprangers Mirjam A. G. Methods to detect response shift in quality of life data: A convergent validity study Quality of life research 2005;14 (3):629-639 [PubMed]
  • Visser Mechteld R. M., Smets Ellen M. A., Oort Frans J., de Haes Hanneke C. J. M. Stress, satisfaction and burnout among Dutch medical specialists CMAJ 2003;168 (3):271-275 [PubMed]
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Prof. N. van Dijk MD PhD (Quality of training and education)