I.M. Tersteeg

PhD Candidate
Main activities
Focus of research

Long term follow-up of physical, psychological and social functioning in patients with late onset sequelae of poliomyelitis.

Key publications
  • Tersteeg Irene M., Koopman Fieke S., Stolwijk-Swüste Janneke M., Beelen Anita, Nollet Frans A 5-Year Longitudinal Study of Fatigue in Patients With Late-Onset Sequelae of Poliomyelitis Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 2011;92 (6):899-904 [PubMed]
  • Stolwijk-Swüste Janneke M., Tersteeg Irene, Beelen Anita, Lankhorst Gustaaf J., Nollet Frans, Stolwijk-Swüste J. M., Lankhorst G. J., Dekker J., van Dijk G. M., Post B., de Haan R. J., Speelman H. The impact of age and comorbidity on the progression of disability in late-onset sequelae of poliomyelitis Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 2010;91 (4):523-528 [PubMed]
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