MD M.W. Alsem

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care, Research
Pediatric Rehabilitaiton Physician
Focus of research

Pediatric rehabilitation research, focussed on family centered care, parent and family involvement and empowerment and functioning and participation of young children and families of children with disabilities.

Key publications
  • Alsem M. W., Ausems F., Verhoef M., Jongmans M. J., Meily-Visser J. M. A., Ketelaar M. Information seeking by parents of children with physical disabilities: An exploratory qualitative study Research in developmental disabilities 2017;60:125-134 [PubMed]
  • Alsem M. W., Siebes R. C., Gorter J. W., Jongmans M. J., Nijhuis B. G. J., Ketelaar M. Assessment of family needs in children with physical disabilities: development of a family needs inventory Child: care, health and development 2014;40 (4):498-506 [PubMed]
  • Alsem M. W., Verhoef M., Gorter J. W., Langezaal L. C. M., Visser-Meily J. M. A., Ketelaar M. Parents' perceptions of the services provided to children with cerebral palsy in the transition from preschool rehabilitation to school-based services Child: care, health and development 2016;42 (4):455-463 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

PhD J.A.J.M. Beelen (Optimizing quality of care in the rehabilitation care pathways: neurological rehabilitation and children rehabilitation)

Research in the programme “Optimizing quality of care in the rehabilitation care pathways: neurological rehabilitation and children rehabilitation” will focus on the diagnoses ALS and stroke and on children with developmental disabilities. Research in the ALS-care pathway will be continued by initiating intervention studies in ALS patients (theme: ego-integrity and meaning-centred therapy) and in caregivers of ALS patients (support towards empowerment) and by optimizing ALS care through development and update of evidence-based guidelines. ALS- research is embedded within the ALS Center The Netherlands (UMCU-AMC). In stroke patients research activities will tackle optimizing stroke rehabilitation through intervention studies in subacute and chronic stroke patients within in- and out-patient rehabilitation.
Within the research area ‘Children rehabilitation’ the focus will remain on children with developmental disabilities and guidance through the care pathways; on improvement of bimanual hand function in the spastic hand and on children with Marfan Syndrome. A potential research area is neuromuscular disorders in children, as part of the Children's Muscle Center Amsterdam and in collaboration with the research programme “Clinical biomechanics” of the Department of Rehabilitation.
The secondment as a research coordinator of Merem with research activities in the Rehabilitation Centre De Trappenberg will provide the opportunity for collaborative intervention studies in clinical and outpatient rehabilitation of stroke patients, and in rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities.

MD M.W. Alsem
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