M. Pippias MD PhD

Main activities
Epidemiology based research at the ERA-EDTA Registry into patients with end-stage renal disease
Focus of research

The ERA-EDTA Registry collects data on patients with end-stage renal disease who require renal replacement therapy (dialysis or renal transplantation) within Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. My current research is based on epidemiological studies regarding European health policies and renal transplant outcomes.

Key publications
  • Pippias Maria, Jager Kitty J., Kramer Anneke, Leivestad Torbjørn, Sánchez Manuel Benítez, Caskey Fergus J., Collart Frederic, Couchoud Cécile, Dekker Friedo W., Finne Patrik, Fouque Denis, Heaf James G., Hemmelder Marc H., Kramar Reinhard, de Meester Johan, Noordzij Marlies, Palsson Runolfur, Pascual Julio, Zurriaga Oscar, Wanner Christoph, Stel Vianda S. The changing trends and outcomes in renal replacement therapy: data from the ERA-EDTA Registry Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation 2016;31 (5):831-841 [PubMed]
  • Pippias Maria, Stel Vianda S., Aresté-Fosalba Nuria, Couchoud Cécile, Fernandez-Fresnedo Gema, Finne Patrik, Heaf James G., Hoitsma Andries, de Meester Johan, Pálsson Runolfur, Ravani Pietro, Segelmark Mårten, Traynor Jamie P., Reisæter Anna V., Caskey Fergus J., Jager Kitty J. Long-term Kidney Transplant Outcomes in Primary Glomerulonephritis: Analysis From the ERA-EDTA Registry Transplantation 2016;100 (9):1955-1962 [PubMed]
  • Pippias Maria, Jager Kitty J., Caskey Fergus, Casula Anna, Erlandsson Helen, Finne Patrik, Heaf James, Heinze Georg, Hoitsma Andries, Kramar Reinhard, Lempinen Marko, Magaz Angela, Midtvedt Karsten, Mumford Lisa L., Pascual Julio, Prütz Karl G., Sørensen Søren S., Traynor Jamie P., Massy Ziad A., Ravanan Rommel, Stel Vianda S. Kidney transplant outcomes from older deceased donors: A paired kidney analysis by the ERA-EDTA Registry Transplant international 2018;31 (7):708-719 [PubMed]
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