MSc PhD E.J.A.J. Beune

Research Associate
Main activities
Patient perspective; Cultural diversity; Hypertension Self management; Qualitative Research
Focus of research

Ethnic minority populations with incresased risk for cardio vascular disease:patient perspectives; intervention development, implementation, evaluation in primary care

Key publications
  • Beune Erik J. A. J., Haafkens Joke A., Agyemang Charles, Schuster John S., Willems Dick L. How Ghanaian, African-Surinamese and Dutch patients perceive and manage antihypertensive drug treatment: a qualitative study Journal of hypertension 2008;26 (4):648-656 [PubMed]
  • Beune E. J. A. J., Haafkens J. A., Schuster J. S., Bindels P. J. E. 'Under pressure': How Ghanaian, African-Surinamese and Dutch patients explain hypertension Journal of human hypertension 2006;20 (12):946-955 [PubMed]
  • Beune E. J. A. J., Haafkens J. A., Agyemang C., Bindels P. J. E. Inhibitors and enablers of physical activity in multiethnic hypertensive patients: qualitative study Journal of human hypertension 2010;24 (4):280-290 [PubMed]
  • Beune Erik J. A. J., Haafkens Joke A., Bindels Patrick J. E. Barriers and enablers in the implementation of a provider-based intervention to stimulate culturally appropriate hypertension education Patient education and counseling 2011;82 (1):74-80 [PubMed]
  • Beune Erik J. A. J., Bindels Patrick J. E., Mohrs Jacob, Stronks Karien, Haafkens Joke A. Pilot study evaluating the effects of an intervention to enhance culturally appropriate hypertension education among healthcare providers in a primary care setting IMPLEMENTATION SCIENCE 2010;5 (1):35 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. PhD K. Stronks (Social inequalities in health)

Prof. PhD C.O. Agyemang (Ethnic Inequalities in Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors)

Current research funding
  • Fonds NUTS-OHRA
  • Universiteit van Wageningen (WU)