C.E. Conrath PhD

Medical Specialist
Main activities
Patient care
Cardiology / Electrophysiology
Focus of research

 Cardiac arrhythmias

Key publications
  • Conrath Chantal E., Opthof Tobias Ventricular repolarization: an overview of (patho)physiology, sympathetic effects and genetic aspects Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 2006;92 (3):269-307 [PubMed]
  • Conrath Chantal E., Wilders Ronald, Coronel Ruben, de Bakker Jacques M. T., Taggart Peter, de Groot Joris R., Opthof Tobias Intercellular coupling through gap junctions masks M cells in the human heart Cardiovascular research 2004;62 (2):407-414 [PubMed]
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Prof. A.A.M. Wilde PhD (Clinical and Basic Electrophysiology)