E.P. Moll Van Charante PhD

Other Academic Staff, Research Associate
Main activities
Community-dwelling older people: complex care needs; and dementia: diagnosis, care and prevention
Focus of research

1. Prevention of Dementia using Mobile Phone Applications (PRODEMOS study;

2. Healthy Aging Through Internet Counseling of the Elderly (HATICE study;

2. Prevention of dementia (and CVD) by intensive vascular care in primary health care (pre-DIVA study)



Key publications
  • Moll van Charante Eric P., Richard Edo, Eurelings Lisa S., van Dalen Jan-Willem, Ligthart Suzanne A., van Bussel Emma F., Hoevenaar-Blom Marieke P., Vermeulen Marinus, van Gool Willem A. Effectiveness of a 6-year multidomain vascular care intervention to prevent dementia (preDIVA): a cluster-randomised controlled trial Lancet 2016;388 (10046):797-805 [PubMed]
  • van Bussel Emma F., Richard Edo, Arts Derk L., Nooyens Astrid C. J., Coloma Preciosa M., de Waal Margot W. M., van den Akker Marjan, Biermans Marion C. J., Nielen Markus M. J., van Boven Kees, Smeets Hugo, Matthews Fiona E., Brayne Carol, Busschers Wim B., van Gool Willem A., Moll van Charante Eric P. Dementia incidence trend over 1992-2014 in the Netherlands: Analysis of primary care data PLoS medicine 2017;14 (3):e1002235 [PubMed]
  • Ligthart Suzanne A., Richard Edo, Fransen Nina L., Eurelings Lisa S. M., Beem Leo, Eikelenboom Piet, van Gool Willem A., Moll van Charante Eric P. Association of Vascular Factors With Apathy in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals Archives of general psychiatry 2012;69 (6):636-642 [PubMed]
  • Ligthart Suzanne A., van den Eerenbeemt Karin D. M., Pols Jeanette, van Bussel Emma F., Richard Edo, Moll van Charante Eric P. Perspectives of older people engaging in nurse-led cardiovascular prevention programmes: a qualitative study in primary care in the Netherlands British journal of general practice 2015;65 (630):e41-e48 [PubMed]
  • van Middelaar Tessa, Beishuizen Cathrien R. L., Guillemont Juliette, Barbera Mariagnese, Richard Edo, Moll van Charante Eric P., van Gool Willem A., Soininen Hilkka, Kivipelto Miia, Andrieu Sandrine, Brayne Carol, Jongstra Susan, van Wanrooij Lennard L., Hoevenaar-Blom Marieke P., Ngandu Tiia, Mangialasche Francesca, Coley Nicola, Meiller Yannick, van de Groep Bram Engaging older people in an internet platform for cardiovascular risk self-management: a qualitative study among Dutch HATICE participants BMJ open 2018;8 (1):e019683 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

E.P. Moll Van Charante PhD (Cardiovascular prevention in older people)

The main aim of the collaboration between the Departments of General Practice and Neurology (AMC) is to study the effectiveness of improved overall cardiovascular risk on the prevention of cognitive decline and dementia in community-dwelling people aged 55 years and older.

M.P. Hoevenaar-Blom PhD
L.A. van Vught MD PhD

PhD Students
T. van Middelaar

Prof. W.A. van Gool PhD (Changes in cognition, behavior and mood in brain diseases)

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  • AMC
  • AMC (Vrijgesteld)
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