PhD J. Aten

Assistant Professor
Main activities
Education, Research
pathology, immunology
Focus of research
  • Pathobiology of the glomerular visceral epithelial cell in development of nephrotic syndrome.
  • Pathogenesis of renal fibrosis.
Key publications
  • Marques André R. A., Aten Jan, Ottenhoff Roelof, van Roomen Cindy P. A. A., Herrera Moro Daniela, Claessen Nike, Vinueza Veloz María Fernanda, Zhou Kuikui, Lin Zhanmin, Mirzaian Mina, Boot Rolf G., de Zeeuw Chris I., Overkleeft Herman S., Yildiz Yildiz, Aerts Johannes M. F. G. Reducing GBA2 Activity Ameliorates Neuropathology in Niemann-Pick Type C Mice PLoS ONE 2015;10 (8):e0135889 [PubMed]
  • Sachs Norman, Claessen Nike, Aten Jan, Kreft Maaike, Teske Gwendoline J. D., Koeman Anneke, Zuurbier Coert J., Janssen Hans, Sonnenberg Arnoud Blood pressure influences end-stage renal disease of Cd151 knockout mice Journal of clinical investigation 2012;122 (1):348-358 [PubMed]
  • Reuwer Anne, van Eijk Marco, Houttuijn-Bloemendaal Felicia, van der Loos Chris, Claessen Nike, Teeling Peter, Kastelein J. J., Hamann Jörg, Goffin Vincent, von der Thüsen Jan, Twickler Marcel, Aten Jan The prolactin receptor is expressed in macrophages within human carotid atherosclerotic plaques: a role for prolactin in atherogenesis? Journal of endocrinology 2011;208 (2):107-117 [PubMed]
  • Ito Yasuhiko, Goldschmeding Roel, Kasuga Hirotake, Claessen Nike, Nakayama Masahiro, Yuzawa Yukio, Sawai Akiho, Matsuo Seiichi, Weening Jan J., Aten Jan Expression patterns of connective tissue growth factor and of TGF-beta isoforms during glomerular injury recapitulate glomerulogenesis American journal of physiology. Renal physiology 2010;299 (3):F545-F558 [PubMed]
  • Witte Martin D., Kallemeijn Wouter W., Aten Jan, Li Kah-Yee, Strijland Anneke, Donker-Koopman Wilma E., van den Nieuwendijk Adrianus M. C. H., Bleijlevens Boris, Kramer Gertjan, Florea Bogdan I., Hooibrink Berend, Hollak Carla E. M., Ottenhoff Roelof, Boot Rolf G., van der Marel Gijsbert A., Overkleeft Herman S., Aerts Johannes M. F. G. Ultrasensitive in situ visualization of active glucocerebrosidase molecules Nature chemical biology 2010;6 (12):907-913 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

Prof. PhD S. Florquin (Renal inflammation and repair)

Renal Inflammation and REpair (RIRE)

Thanks to the financial support of NWO and Dutch Kidney Foundation, we set up a research group dedicated to unravel the immunological mechanisms involved in renal injury and repair and to design new therapeutic tools for renal diseases.

To unravel the involvement of innate immunity in the renal diseases, we used relevant rodent models for acute and chronic renal injury (ischemia-reperfusion, obstructive nephropathy, renal transplantation and pyelonephritis using knock-out mice, transgenic mice, anti-sense oligonucleotide and blocking antibodies), renal biopsies, urine and plasma of renal patients, and in vitro models (tubular epithelial cell and endothelial cell cultures).

Our research line can be divided in 4 sub-themes:
a) The role of CD44 in Renal Injury and Repair
b) The role of Pattern-Recognition Receptors (PRRs) in Renal Injury and Repair
c) The fibrinolytic and clotting systems in Renal Injury and Repair
d) Development of validated analyses of renal transplant biopsies to identify local markers of tolerance and to predict the development of fibrosis

Theme:  Infection and Immunity


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