Prof. A.J. Verhoeven PhD

Full Professor, Research Associate
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Medical Biochemistry
Focus of research
My research comprises 3 lines of investigation:
1. to identify with system biology approaches critical factors affecting the development of insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) in obese individuals. A vast amount of data has recently become available from genomic and metabolomic studies, but the challenge is to integrate these data into a comprehensive model of obesity-induced changes. Our approaches include causal network analysis, modelling of whole body glucose metabolism and controlled manipulation of the expression of candidate genes in human cell lines. Particular attention is given to the importance of changes in glycosphingolipid metabolism (in collaboration with Prof. J.M. Aerts, Dept of Med Biochemistry, AMC). 
2. to study the differentiation process of adipocytes in order to understand the derangements caused by metabolic overloading. This research is carried out in ex vivo model systems and in samples obtained from human studies (in collaboration with the Metabolic Unit at the AMC, Dr. M.J. Serlie).
My research is supported by the AMC Innovation Impulse.
Key publications
  • van Zwieten Rob, Bochem Andrea E., Hilarius Petra M., van Bruggen Robin, Bergkamp Ferry, Hovingh G. Kees, Verhoeven Arthur J. The cholesterol content of the erythrocyte membrane is an important determinant of phosphatidylserine exposure BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY OF LIPIDS 2012;1821 (12):1493-1500 [PubMed]
  • Burger Patrick, Korsten Herbert, de Korte Dirk, Rombout Eva, van Bruggen Robin, Verhoeven Arthur J. An improved red blood cell additive solution maintains 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and adenosine triphosphate levels by an enhancing effect on phosphofructokinase activity during cold storage Transfusion 2010;50 (11):2386-2392 [PubMed]
  • Raat Nicolaas J. H., Hilarius Petra M., Johannes Tanja, de Korte Dirk, Ince Can, Verhoeven Arthur J. Rejuvenation of stored human red blood cells reverses the renal microvascular oxygenation deficit in an isovolemic transfusion model in rats Transfusion 2009;49 (3):427-434 [PubMed]
  • Verhaar Robin, Dekkers David W. C., de Cuyper Iris M., Ginsberg Mark H., de Korte Dirk, Verhoeven Arthur J. UV-C irradiation disrupts platelet surface disulfide bonds and activates the platelet integrin alphaIIbbeta3 Blood 2008;112 (13):4935-4939 [PubMed]
  • Terpstra Fokke G., van 't Wout Angélique B., Schuitemaker Hanneke, van Engelenburg Frank A. C., Dekkers David W. C., Verhaar Robin, de Korte Dirk, Verhoeven Arthur J. Potential and limitation of UVC irradiation for the inactivation of pathogens in platelet concentrates Transfusion 2008;48 (2):304-313 [PubMed]
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Prof. A.J. Verhoeven PhD (Control of cellular metabolism)