Prof. dr. C.R.N. Rasch

Main activities
Research, Patient care
Focus of research

Adaptive Radiotherapy:
Together with the NKI the AMC RT department will start ART for cervix cancers.
• Pathological validation of MR imaging of surgical specimen, together with dept of gynecology, Radiology and Pathology (G. Kenter, J. Stoker, A. Nederveen and M. van de Vijver) (AGIKO-RT, AMC).
• Quantification of Cervix and Uterus motion during RT course for cervix and endometrial cancer together with NKI (M. Bloemers, NKI)
• ART strategies for Cervix cancer, dose summation in the prospect of adaptive RT, the deformable registration tools developed for head and neck cancer and bladder cancer will be used for the prediction of the Uterus position and summation of the dose to the organs at risk (OIO, AMC).
• Regional treatment results Cervix cancer (R. Davila Fajardo, AMC). Based upon retrospective data patterns of recurrence for the lymphnodes in cervix cancer will be analyzed. Together with the developments in ART for the Cervix strategies for improving the regional control will be developed.

Multimodality treatment
• Within ARTFORCE a clinical phase II dose escalation trial for lung cancer is started. The AMC will take part in this trial after accreditation by ARTFORCE.
• Within the AMC gastro-intestinal cancer is an important issue. In cooperation with MAASTRO and within the partners of ARTFORCE visualization of hypoxia with HX4 and TH-302 for esophageal cancer is intended depending on approval of medical ethical committee and consensus within GIOCA group at AMC.
• Adaptive RT for esophageal cancer and pancreas with on-line treatment planning will be developed (OIO, AMC).
• A KWF grant proposal for support for clinical trials on the ARTFORCE project is pending after resubmission in October 2011 (initial R-rating)


Key publications
  • Knegjens JL, Hauptmann M, Pameijer FA, Balm AJ, Hoebers FJ, de Bois JA, Kaanders JH, van Herpen CM, Verhoef CG, Wijers OB, Wiggenraad RG, Buter J, Rasch CR, TUMOR VOLUME AS PROGNOSTIC FACTOR IN CHEMORADIATION FOR ADVANCED HEAD AND NECK CANCER. HEAD NECK-J SCI SPEC 2011;33 (3):375-382 [PubMed]
  • Rasch CRN, Steenbakkers RJHM, Fitton I, Duppen JC, Nowak PJCM, Pameijer FA, Eisbruch A, Kaanders JHAM, Paulsen F, van Herk M, Decreased 3D observer variation with matched CT-MRI, for target delineation in Nasopharynx cancer. RADIAT ONCOL 2010;5:21-21 [PubMed]
  • Rasch CRN, Hauptmann M, Schornagel J, Wijers O, Buter J, Gregor T, Wiggenraad R, de Boer JP, Ackerstaff AH, Kroger R, Hoebers FJP, Balm AJM, Hilgers FJ, Intra-arterial versus intravenous chemoradiation for advanced head and neck cancer: Results of a randomized phase 3 trial. CANCER-AM CANCER SOC 2010;116 (9):2159-2165 [PubMed]
  • Rasch C, Steenbakkers R, van Herk M, Target definition in prostate, head, and neck. SEMIN RADIAT ONCOL 2005;15 (3):136-145 [PubMed]
All Publications
Curriculum Vitae

A Title(s), initial(s), first name, surname: Prof.dr. Coen R.N. Rasch
Male/female: male
Date and place of birth: 1 March 1962, Rotterdam
Nationality: Dutch

B Master’s (Doctoraal)
University: University of Amsterdam
Date: May 1990
Main subject: Medicine.

C Doctorate
University: Free University Amsterdam,
Date: September 2001
Supervisors (co)promotores): Thesis advisor prof. dr. G.M.M. Bartelink
Title of thesis: Imaging modality and observer variation for target delineation in conformal radiotherapy.

D Medical specialisation
University: Radiation-Oncology, dept of Radiotherapy, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis / Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Date: 1991-1996
Discipline: radiotherapy

Work experience

2015 - present  president of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie
2013 - present  course director ESTRO IGRT course
2012 - present  Professor Department Radiation Oncology Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, appointment dated 19 May 2011
2012 - present  Liaison person ESTRO School Courses
2015 – present President Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie
2012 – 2015     Board member Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie
2009 - 2012      Project Leader ARTFORCE EU
2009 - 2011      Board Member Medical Staff Governance Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis / Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
2008 - present Course director ESTRO Teaching Course Advanced Technologies in Radiotherapy for Asia
2007 - 2013      Teacher ESTRO IGRT course
2006 – 2012     Teacher ESTRO IMRT course
2006 – 2010     Project leader, NKB 2005-3778
2005 – 2011     Groupleader IGRT implementation at Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis / Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
2000 - 2005      Principal investigator Phase III intra-arterial versus intravenous chemoradiation for inoperable head and neck cancer
2000 – 2005     Project leader, NKB 2000-2247
1996 – 2012     Radiation-Oncologist/staff member dept. of Radiotherapy, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis / Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1996 – 2000     Research Fellow, Netherlands Cancer Institute, NKB-project 96-1308
1991 – 1996     Resident Radiation-Oncology, dept of Radiotherapy, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Huis / Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

Research programmes

Image guided and physics application in the clinic

(1) Focus is on the interface of radiation physics and radiotherapy. The aim is to apply technological achievements and verify their efficacy in clinical applications. Research grants focus on this interaction: imaging, radation physics combined with radiotherapeutic distribution of dose with adaptive radiation therapy (image guided, proton therapy) and radiobiology. Outcome should be clinical. As Chair of the department the research is focussed on a broader sense on the departmental level where clinical research lines cross with fundamental/biological and physics research lines.

(2) In close collaboration with the department of surgical oncology, head and neck cancer at the NKI clinical trials on chemoradiation have been performed on intra-arterial administration versus intraveneus administration of cisplatin combined with chemoradiation. In a randomized trial comparing intravenous and intra-arterial chemoradiation no difference between the arms was found. From this study predictors for response and toxicity are determined and implemented into routine clinical practice. 1) A predictive model for local response combining genetic profile and clinical factors like tumor volume and stage is developed and forms the base of further studies. 2) Clinical practice was to stop cisplatin administration on progressive hearing loss during treatment. Analysis shows that pretreatment hearing loss as opposed to developed hearing loss during therapy was the most determining factor for hearing loss at the end of treatment, the clinical practice of routine cessation of cisplatin administration upon hearing loss is changed. The developed and published model is tested in a patient group in Toronto (Princess Margaret Hospital, Canada). 3) Other studies on the interaction adaptive radiotherapy and proton therapy are ongoing in close cooperation with Holland Proton Therapy Center.


Prof. dr. C.R.N. Rasch
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Drs. E.M.T. Dieleman
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A.C. Nuijens MD
Drs. G. Schooneveldt MA MSc
Drs. E. Versteijne
Z. Wang
Drs. O. Hamming-Vrieze (VU)

M.A.A. de Jong
Drs. S. Oldenborg MSc
Ing. R.M. van Os MSc

Current research funding
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding