Prof. dr. R.W. Sanders

Main activities
Virology, in particular Experimental Vaccinology
Focus of research

HIV vaccine research

Key publications
  • de Taeye SW, Ozorowski G, Torrents de la Peña A, Guttman M, Julien JP, van den Kerkhof TLGM, Burger JA, Pritchard LK, Pugach P, Yasmeen A, Crampton J, Hu J, Bontjer I, Torres JL, Arendt H, DeStefano J, Koff WC, Schuitemaker H, Eggink D, Berkhout B, Dean H, Labranche C, Crotty S, Crispin M, Montefiori DC, Klasse PJ, Lee KK, Moore JP, Wilson IA, Ward AB, Sanders RW, Immunogenicity of Stabilized HIV-1 Envelope Trimers with Reduced Exposure of Non-neutralizing Epitopes. CELL 2015;163 (7):1702-1715 [PubMed]
  • Sanders RW, van Gils MJ, Derking R, Sok D, Ketas TJ, Burger JA, Ozorowski G, Cupo A, Simonich C, Goo L, Arendt H, Kim HJ, Lee JH, Pugach P, Williams M, Debnath G, Moldt B, van Breemen MJ, Isik G, Medina-Ramírez M, Back JW, Koff WC, Julien JP, Rakasz EG, Seaman MS, Guttman M, Lee KK, Klasse PJ, Labranche C, Schief WR, Wilson IA, Overbaugh J, Burton DR, Ward AB, Montefiori DC, Dean H, Moore JP, HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies induced by native-like envelope trimers. SCIENCE 2015;349 (6244):aac4223-154 [PubMed]
  • van Gils MJ, van den Kerkhof TLGM, Ozorowski G, Cottrell CA, Sok D, Pauthner M, Pallesen J, de Val N, Yasmeen A, de Taeye SW, Schorcht A, Gumbs S, Johanna I, Saye-Francisco K, Liang CH, Landais E, Nie X, Pritchard LK, Crispin M, Kelsoe G, Wilson IA, Schuitemaker H, Klasse PJ, Moore JP, Burton DR, Ward AB, Sanders RW, An HIV-1 antibody from an elite neutralizer implicates the fusion peptide as a site of vulnerability. NAT MICROBIOL 2016;2 (2):16199 [PubMed]
  • Sanders RW, Moore JP, HIV: A stamp on the envelope. NATURE 2014;514 (7523):437-438 [PubMed]
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Research programmes

HIV vaccine research aimed at the induction of neutralizing antibodies

We study the HIV-1 envelope protein complex (Env), the protein that is required for the induction of humoral immunity. Specifically we modify the protein in order to improve the induction of neutralizing antibodies.

Prof. dr. R.W. Sanders (Weill Medical College of Cornell University)

Dr. R. Derking MSc
Dr. M.J. van Gils
Dr. M. Medina-Ramirez
Dr. K.H. Sliepen

PhD Students
M. Brinkkemper
P.J.M. Brouwer
A.L. Chumbe Mendoza MSc
M.M. van Haaren
I. del Moral Sanchez
E.I.M.M. Reiss
J. van Schooten MSc
A. Schorcht MSc

T.P.L. Bijl BSc
Ing. I. Bontjer
Dr. M.J. van Breemen
Ing. J.A. Burger
P. van der Woude BA

Other research related activities
  • (part-time) outside employment, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • Membership of advisory board / Consultant, Crucell
Current research funding
  • AMC
  • AMC (Vrijgesteld)
  • amfAR
  • Europese Unie
  • Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.
  • Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical Coll. of Cornell Univ.
  • K.N.A.W.
  • NWO
  • Stichting Aidsfonds/SOA AIDS Nederland
  • Stichting AMC Foundation (Vrijgesteld)
  • University of Washington