Prof. E.H.D. Bel PhD

Full Professor
Main activities
Education, Patient care, Research
Respiratory Medicine
Focus of research

Asthma, in particular severe asthma and adult-onset asthma

Key publications
  • Bel Elisabeth H., Wenzel Sally E., Thompson Philip J., Prazma Charlene M., Keene Oliver N., Yancey Steven W., Ortega Hector G., Pavord Ian D., Gibson Peter, Sajkov Dimitar, Thompson Philip, Laviolette Michel, Lemiere Catherine, Nair Parameswaran, Bystron Jaromir, Chlumsky Jan, Kindlova Agmar, Kolek Vitezslav, Pauk Norbert, Aubier Michel, Bourdin Arnaud, de Blay Frederic, Donazzolo Yves, Magnan Antoine, Ballenberger Sabine, Beck Ekkehard, Hoffmann Martin, Korn Stephanie, Kornmann Oliver, Ludwig-Sengpiel Andrea, Rolke Mathias, Schroeder-Babo Winfried, Hernández-Colín Dante Daniel, ten Brinke Anneke, Mroz Robert, Pulka Grazyna, Howarth Peter, Mortimer Kevin, Pavord Ian, Spencer David, Castro Mario, Chupp Geoffrey, Katial Rohit, Meltzer Steven, Wenzel Sally Oral Glucocorticoid-Sparing Effect of Mepolizumab in Eosinophilic Asthma New England journal of medicine 2014;371 (13):1189-1197 [PubMed]
  • Bel Elisabeth H. Mild Asthma New England journal of medicine 2013;369 (6):549-557 [PubMed]
  • Sneeboer Marlous M. S., Majoor Christof J., de Kievit Anne, Meijers Joost C. M., van der Poll Tom, Kamphuisen Pieter W., Bel Elisabeth H. Prothrombotic state in patients with severe and prednisolone-dependent asthma Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2016;137 (6):1727-1732 [PubMed]
  • Hekking Pieter-Paul W., Wener Reinier R., Amelink Marijke, Zwinderman Aelko H., Bouvy Marcel L., Bel Elisabeth H. The prevalence of severe refractory asthma Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2015;135 (4):896-902 [PubMed]
  • Amelink Marijke, de Groot Jantina C., de Nijs Selma B., Lutter Rene, Zwinderman Aeilko H., Sterk Peter J., ten Brinke Anneke, Bel Elisabeth H. Severe adult-onset asthma: A distinct phenotype Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2013;132 (2):336-341 [PubMed]
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Curriculum Vitae



Curriculum Vitae E.H. Bel
1 March 2017


Current position
Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Chairman of the Department of Respiratory Medicine


Education and Training
1974    European Baccalaureate, Brussels, Belgium
1983    M.D. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1990    Ph.D. (cum laude), University of Leiden, The Netherlands
1995    Dutch Board Certificate in Respiratory Medicine


1995 – 2007        Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Leiden University 
1995 – 2007        Specialist in Respiratory Medicine, Leiden University Medical Centre
1998 – 2007        Head of Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic, Leiden University Medical Centre
2002 – 2007        Head of Asthma and Allergy Clinic, Leiden University Medical Centre
2004 – 2007        Head of Outpatient Clinics Internal Medicine, Leiden University Medical Centre
2007 – present    Full professor of Respiratory Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
2007 – present    Chairman of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
2009 – 2013        Head of Specialty Training in Respiratory Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam


Clinical activities

1995 – present    expert in outpatient and inpatient care for patients with severe and difficult-to-control asthma


Scientific activities

2016 – present    Chairman of EU Clinical Research Collaboration on SevereAasthma (SHARP)

2007 – present    Prinicipal investigator of Research Program “Severe asthma” (Academic Medical Centre, UvA)
2009 – present    Member U-BIOPRED consortium

                             - work package leader of EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)

2000 – 2016        Member of European Severe Asthma Network (ENFUMOSA

                            - work package leader in EU Framework Programme FP4

                            - work package leader in EU Framework Programme FP5

                            - work package leader in EU Framework Programme FP6

1995 – 2006        Prinicipal investigator of Research Program “Severe asthma” (Leiden University Medical Center) 


Educational Activities
2015 – present    Theme-coordinator of (new) bachelor curriculum for undergraduate students
2011 – present    Coordinator of Bachelor curriculum for Respiratory Medicine

1998 – present    Deputy Head of Residents training in Pulmonology

1996 – 1998        Head of Residents training in Pulmonology
1995 – present    Supervisor of doctoral students and thesis supervision
1990 – present    Graduate student teacher

Other activities

a. Editorial Activities
2012 – present    Associate Editor of European Respiratory Journal
2000 – present    Editorial Board member of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
1990 – present    Regular reviewer for New England Journal of Medicine, J Allergy Clinical Immunology, ect
2011                     Editor of European Respiratory Monograph “Difficult-to-treat Severe Asthma”
2002 – 2005         Associate editor of “Breathe”


b. Taskforces and guidelines

2017 – present    Co-chairman of European Clinical research Collaboration on Severe Asthma

2015 – present    Member of Lancet Commission on Asthma

2013 – present    Member ERS taskforce on Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Churg-Strauss)

2007 – present    Member ATS/ERS taskforce / guideline committee on Severe Asthma
2007 – present    Member Dutch Severe Asthma network
2009 – present    Member national guideline committee for Severe Asthma
2007                     Member national guideline committee Respiratory Allergy
2005                     Member national guideline committee Acute Asthma


c. National scientific committees
2016 – present    Member of Committee on Air Quality of the Health Council of the Netherlands

2009 – 2015        Member of Committee Clinical fellowships ZONMW
2009 – 2012        member of Committee AGIKO stipendia ZONWM
2007 – 2013        Chair Scientific Advisory Board Dutch Asthma Foundation (Lung Foundation)
2002 – 2005        Board member of Dutch Society of Allergology


e. International Societies (European Respiratory Society (ERS), American Thoracic Society (ATS))
2014 – 2015         President of European Respiratory Society
2011                     Congress chair, ERS Annual Congress 2011, RAI Amsterdam
2011 – 2016        ERS taskforce member: Churg Strauss Syndrome

2009 – 2015        ATS taskforce member: Phenotypes of asthma
2009 – 2014        ATS/ERS taskforce member / guideline committee “Severe refractory asthma”
2005 – 2008         Member of Executive Committee ERS
2005 – 2008         Member of Scientific Committee
2005 – 2008         Member of ERS Council
2005 – 2008         Chair of ERS Assembly “Airway diseases”
2005 – 2008         Member Scientific Committee ERS lung Science Conference
1999 – 2011         Member/chair ERS Long Range Planning Committee Assembly 5


Awards (2013-2017)

2016   Visiting Professor at Harvard University Boston, USA 

2016   Award for Eminent Reviewer of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

2014   Award for Scientific Excellence: Fellowship of European Respiratory Society

2014   Societal Impact Award AMC



Web of Science Hirsch index:  44







Research programmes

Prof. E.H.D. Bel PhD (Severe asthma in adults)

The research programme of E.H. Bel focuses on Severe Asthma, with a particular emphasis on risk factors, phenotyping, pathophysiological mechanisms, monitoring and therapeutic approach

In 2011-2016 the following projects were carried out:

  • Risk factors: Prospective follow up of 200 patients with adult onset asthma for 2 years. Study showed that smoking in the past is a risk factor for progression towards severe asthma, and inflammatory markers in peripheral blood predict exacerbations (PhD project Westerhof)

  • Phenotyping: A cohort study of 600 patients with adult-onset asthma was phenotyped by using cluster analysis showing that there are 3 main phenotypes of severe adult-onset asthma with different mechanisms, therapeutic requirements and prognoses. (PhD projects Amelink, De Groot, De Nijs)

  • Phenotyping: We were leader of the EU-IMI U-BIOPRED work package aiming at achieving international consensus on the definition and phenotyping of severe asthma

  • Phenotyping: A pharmacy-based study of difficult-to-treat and severe asthma in the Netherlands, showing that 17% of asthma patients have difficult-to-treat asthma and 70% of them have >2 co-morbidities (PhD project Hekking)

  • Mechanisms: Seven studies to assess the role of coagulation in (severe) asthma showed that enhanced coagulation is an important contributor to asthma severity (phD projects Majoor and Sneeboer)

  • Monitoring: A clinical trial in patients with severe prednisone-dependent asthma showed that the use of an internet application to taper oral corticosteroids to the lowest effective dose is superior to usual care (PhD project Hashimoto)

  • Treatment: A cohort study of 160 patients with severe asthma admitted to the high-altitude asthma clinic in Davos showed that high altitude treatment is one of the most successful therapies for patients with severe asthma (PhD project Rijssenbeek)

  • Treatment: A multicentre study investigating the effect of mepolizumab in severe oral corticosteroid-dependent asthma. This study showed that mepolizumab has a significant oral corticosteroid-sparing effect (N Engl J Med)



In 2017-2019 the following projects will be carried out:

  • Risk factors of lung function decline and predictors of asthma remission will be analysed in a 5-year follow-up study of 200 patients with adult-onset asthma (PhD projects Westerhof and Coumou)
  • Risk factors of asthma onset will be determined in the multi-ethnicities AMC-HELIUS cohort (PhD project Aarab)
  • Phenotyping of patients with severe asthma will be realised by using multidimensional molecular fingerprinting (EU-IMI U-BIOPRED study, PhD project Hekking)
  • Mechanisms of asthma severity will be investigated with a focus on small airways disease (pHD project Van Der Meer), oxidative stress (PhD project De Groot) and coagulation (PhD project Yang)
  • Monitoring of patients with severe asthma will be realised in a prospective real-life Dutch registry of patients with severe asthma (ZonMw-RAPSODI )
  • Treatment of patients with severe asthma with endoscopic thermoplasty, including studies of underlying mechanisms (PhD project d’Hooge)
  • Novel treatments: The department will participate in several international clinical trials with novel biologic treatments in severe asthma
  • International networks: E. Bel will co-chair the European Clinical Research Collaboration on Severe asthma




Current research funding
  • IQVIA RDS Netherlands B.V.
  • Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
  • Stichting RAPSODI
  • Teva Nederland B.V.
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • ZonMw